Sep 2014

Girl Inducted 2A girl, after finding my files, has her first Skype Call with Nimja.

I assume you've read how I got into this lovely situation/mess, or rather how I got into contacting Nimja and becoming his... Well, just his. Since the previous chapter Nimja, after receiving quite a few compliments and demands for more, told me to write down our first Skype call. It probably won't surprise you that I don't quite remember everything. But that's okay, he promised to help.

- As a sidenote, I put my words with a - before it for clarity. And everything else in italic is what I can't quite remember and Nimja had to help me with. Also... I wonder if people have found his YouTube channel already.

Anyway, to get back to what happened. Basically, I sent a mail to Nimja and got a reaction back pretty quickly. After a few mails with some very naughty questions he proposed that we should do a Skype call. Part of me still felt hesitant, but so far there had not been any other red flags.

- "Eh... hi?" My voice quivered with nerves. It was pathetic, I sounded a little bit like a fangirl or something.

"Hi there." His voice relaxed, calm. "You know, perhaps I should answer with 'Hello, I am Nimja' for the authentic experience."

Despite myself, I giggled. It was lame, but true

"So, how does it feel to finally speak to me? Nervous?"

- "Hell yes."

"Oh no need. I'm just a guy, after all. Would you like me to help you relax?"

- "Sure..."

"Alright", he said, "Just listen."

We're just going to do a simple trance to help you relax. So all you have to do is just listen and let my words flow through you. It's perfectly fine to just let your thoughts wander for a moment but most of your mind will easily focus on what I'm saying. Can you do that for me?

- "Yes."

Okay, just focus on my words. More and more. Let those wandering thoughts slowly bundle their attention to a single point. Everything I am saying is just a simple guide, a point of relaxation. And there is nothing else you need to do or think about right now but my words, is there?

- "No."

Well done. You're relaxing wonderfully already. You can easily imagine losing yourself completely to my words. Wouldn't that be nice? It would be so nice, in fact, that it is already happening. It's so nice to just relax and let yourself open completely to the meaning of my words, the flow of my sentences. Right now your mind is in a wonderfully light, floaty state, just by focusing on my words. And you would love to go even deeper, wouldn't you?

- "Yes."

Very good. So all I have to do right now to put your mind into a wonderful empty and obedient trance is to count down from ten to one. Every count punctuating the focus in your mind, the emptiness of your thoughts and the relaxation of your body. Are you ready to let yourself go completely into a deep, fully empty state of trance?

- "...yes..."

Ten. Every count feeling like a wave of obedience and relaxation passing through you.

Nine. You just listen and obey without having to think at all, letting yourself go completely.

Eight. You feel yourself drifting deeper, calmer, emptier more and more obedient.

Seven. Almost nothing of your mind remains. There is no need to think at all.

Six. Your mind is no more than a willing vessel for my words.

Five. You feel so relaxed and open, completely empty.

Four. There is no need to think at all anymore.

Three. You no longer think but my words.

Two. My words are your universe.

One. Empty and obedient.

Tell me how you feel.

- "Very calm."

Very well done. From this moment, until the moment I say wake, you will be so empty that you have no thoughts, no memory of what happened. But that feels perfectly fine. Because you know that I will not harm you or make you do anything dangerous. You simply obey and store all my words deep in your subconscious for me. Is this understood?

- "Yes."

Every time I say "Empty and obedient" you will return to this wonderful state of trance. Those words, used by me and only me, will always help you feel relaxed, open and submissive. They are a mantra of relaxation, submission and surrender. And they feel very good, don't they?

- "always"

And of course when I say "wake" you will awaken easily. Filled with relaxed yet positive energy. So good and warm. This time, however, when I say wake something extra happens. This time, you will feel very aroused with every word I speak. It's like the mere presence of my words arouses you. And you love that subtle intense arousal. Confirm.

- "yes"

Very good. Now remember to forget to remember. My words rest deep within your mind, helping you to relax and obey.

- "yes"


"Welcome back. So, how do you feel? And tell me, do you remember anything?"

- "Eh... I'm not sure. I mean I remember you counting down, but it's very vague after that. Sort of fuzzy. But I feel really nice. Good actually and... eh... Nevermind."

"Aw, come on. Tell me."

- "I feel sort of aroused." If the cam had been on he could have seen my flush. But I was quite sure it showed in everything I was saying.

"That's fine, I'm sure it's not the first time you've felt like this to my voice. Of course it would be the first time I'm listening back."

- "Meanie..."

"What?" I could tell he was smiling. "I'm completely innocent. It's not like my words are making you even more and more aroused or anything. Or that your mind would easily become empty and obedient just by my mentioning it."

- "empty..."

And just like before, you have no thoughts, no memory of what happens right now. You've already told me what you like and what you would love to happen to you. You want me to take you further, to take you beyond what you know and beyond what you've ever felt, don't you?

- "yes"

So we're going to play a little game. Not only will my words arouse you. But any time you speak back you will have an urge to ask permission to touch. The more we talk, the more time passes right now, the more aroused you become until it becomes completely, utterly unbearable not to touch. You will crave it, need it, long for it more than you need to breathe. And love every second of it. Of course you cannot touch without my permission nor can you orgasm without me commanding you to. But that's exactly what you love, isn't it? You want to be controlled, kept, guided and protected. You want to know where you belong and what to do. You need this, don't you?

I replied with a happy sigh... "yes"

Very good, So remember that you must obey my words. My words. Always and completely. What must you do?

- "obey"

Very good, you must obey. And who do you obey?

- "you"

Well done. You must obey me, Nimja. And how much do you obey?

- "completely"

Perfect. You obey me, Nimja, completely. You have to obey and you have to yearn, crave for release and even the permission to touch right now. You are so aroused, so craving with desire. But you love this. You love this craving, this need, this burning for pleasure. You want it. You want to touch so badly. You want to cum even more. And it will only get stronger over time.

There was a huskiness in my breath. "y-yes"


- "Eh... hi!" I had no idea what just happened other than the fact I was feeling... Hot.

"So you said you were feeling aroused. Didn't you?"

- "God yes. I mean... yes."

"How aroused would you say you are right now?"

- "... very..." My voice couldn't have been smaller. But it was getting hard to stifle moans.

"And, do you want to touch?" There was a smile in his voice, so frustrating! He was getting off on my arousal. He was enjoying all of this.

But who was I kidding, so was I.

- "...yes..."

"I can't hear you. Do you want to touch?"

- "Yes! Damnit yes! Let me touch!"

"What do you mean, let me? Do you need my permission to touch?"

- "I... do. I want your permission to touch, sir."

"Oh 'sir' even. Very well done. Alright you may touch."

And I did immediately. There was no hesitation in my movements. I could feel, immediately, that my body was if possible even more aroused than I was. It was agonizingly intense and amazing to touch. Part of me knew, deep inside, that I wouldn't be able to orgasm. But I didn't care right now. All I cared about was touching, touching for that amazing voice and obeying with all my being.

"So, how close are you to orgasm already?"

I hadn't heard what he'd said. The pleasure and intense desire, driving my mind, had completely forgotten about the outside world for a moment. It took me maybe a minute before I realized that anything had been said at all. I couldn't stop touching, couldn't stop moaning. I must have sounded like a slut...

- "Wh-what?"

"I said, how close are you to orgasm already? You sound like you're having fun." He was mocking me. Why did I love it so much?

- "I-I am... I'm so close already."

"Good. But you're not allowed to cum. In fact you cannot orgasm until I say so. And you know it deep inside. You know what you must do. Tell me, what must you do?"

Without thinking, I answered. "Obey." Still touching, still wanting to release so badly!

"Very good. And tell me, who do you obey?"

My fingers and hands were working overtime. Part of my body was working feverishly towards an orgasm but other parts, parts that I didn't control any longer, were holding me back from my release. But not by much. The tension, the closeness to the orgasm was making it even better. Even in all my time playing with files I'd not felt like this. It was like he was using me as a puppet, pulling every string perfectly and playing those strings as if they were an instrument. And I could feel it.

I could feel every pluck on my strings. I could feel every word hammering home more obedience and arousal. And worst of all... Best of all... I loved it.

- "I obey you, sir!" I didn't care anymore. I was happy to embrace my place. I was happy to be here. I was happy to be his slut.

Not for a single second did I regret finding his YouTube channel or contacting him. Never before had I been so happy to simply obey as in that moment. And through it all I felt respected and held. I'm not sure how he did it, but I never felt unsafe. But those thoughts were so deep in my conscious mind I couldn't word them then and there. I felt hot. HOT. I felt so hot that my body was melting any ice in my mind. Any resistance that my mind had was completely melted away in that flush of obedience. That heat of arousal.

"And how much do you obey?"

I wanted to orgasm so bad. I wanted to feel my body explode for him. I wanted him to say that single magic word that I knew would trigger my body into an explosion of pleasure.

- "Completely!"

"Do you want to cum?"

- "Yes!"

"Ask me, beg me to let you cum. Let me hear how much you want it, how much you need it." Again that smile in his voice. Soft mocking, playfully teasing.

- "Please, PLEASE let me cum! Please, sir. I can't take it anymore. It's too much. It's too much!"

My fingers couldn't stop. I needed it. More than anything, I wanted to feel that release, the punctuation of what I knew would mean my total surrender to him. I needed it. I needed it so badly. I wanted it.

- "Please..."

My body was tense, like a bow ready to shoot an arrow to the moon. It was so much on the edge that his command right now would not just push me, but forcefully throw me over the event horizon of orgasm. It knew would leave me in a malleable pool of pleasure that he could shape any way he wanted to. And I wanted it too. I wanted it so badly. There was no other way. I had to obey. If he commanded it... It would happen. Right there on the edge, right there dancing on that delicious edge where my body had no choice but to obey.

- "Please... please sir..." I was whimpering in pure pleasure.

He took a deep breath, a pause to tease me even further... and then.