Jan 2004

The Past Of A Future Dream 1once future

I was standing there at the airport, already made myself familiar with the area and knew what exit you would come out of. I was as ready as I would ever be I guess. And watching on my watch, trying my heart to stop from beating this fast, I glimpse the airplane touching down on the runway. I instinctively knew it should be the one you were in. I tried not to run to your exit, I tried to be calm about it. As if it were just a normal meeting, so no one would notice us. I didn't want to stand out. It took some time to find you in the crowd and even then I was not sure immediately. Always the doubt if I would be even worth this whole journey. I noticed that you saw me and I got a hold of your eyes as well. We stared at each other as you moved in my direction. I tried to stand still and get a grip on myself to be the wonderful host you deserve. We said "hi" to each other and I saw the glimpses of tears in your eyes as I felt them in mine.

We were standing in front of each other and with my mind drawing a blank we were already hugging each other. I didn't even notice it happening but it felt so natural to hold you. I forgot the airfield altogether. This didn't feel like an unfamiliar place because we took ourselves to a place where no one could bother us. We slowly released one another and I noticed we didn't kiss. It didn't feel like the right time or place yet to do such an incredibly tempting thing.

I already had planned the day a little, I took you to a nice restaurant to get some good food instead of those stupid airline foods and to get some excitement between us mellowed out. It was a very nice distraction. The restaurant I chose was not expensive or even busy. It just had that comforting atmosphere of people really liking what they do. Even the waiters were genuinely friendly and smiled in the most honest way. While we were looking on the menu I took your hand and felt the spark go up my arm and spread through my whole body. You accepted it, you held it, you loved it. We ordered our choices and made some teasing jokes while we waited for the appetizers. I still felt nervous and quite extraordinary to have you sitting in front of me. I told you so and could almost hear your heart skipping a beat. We still hardly believed who we were sitting in front of.

We started to feel more at ease after time passed by. We ate some of each others food by feeding each other, me spilling some food while you did so. Fortunately it landed on my plate so I didn't have to be too embarrassed. We both ordered different deserts and being more at ease we almost shared them completely. It felt really good to be this close to you now that my heart got used to it a little, it still felt enormously strong though. I asked for the check and I tried to pay for it. You didn't want me to pay it, but being stubborn as I am I finally managed to convince you that you had done enough by flying over here and that it was my time to treat you.

We left the restaurant holding hands and sneaking peeks at each other, but we were in an open mood. We were holding hands as we walked to the train station and we felt more close then ever. Almost walking in a continuous hug. As we reached the train station I explained why this would be more convenient than a taxi (besides it being a lot cheaper) and that I could see you were badly jet lagged and needed some sleep. You were fortunately to tired to really argue and you let me led you into the train, where the seats were actually quite comfortable. You fell asleep quickly against my shoulder and I smiled, almost feeling your body relaxing as you did. I caressed your hair and face gently to enjoy the feel of your skin. I saw you smile at my movements. I had chosen the train which went to my home town directly so we didn't need to switch trains. I already figured you needed the sleep. I took out my Palm and continued reading some Anne Rice as the train sped on through the country outside. I felt we already were in our own home, being together just like this.

The train arrived in Enschede and you were still sleeping. I waited until the train had stopped and most people got off. I knew that Enschede is the last station for the train so I had almost all the time in the world to gently wake you. I looked at your face and it was irresistible not to kiss you. So I did. I kissed your lips very gently and felt the glow emanating from your lips. I felt how you got awake with my lips still gently pressed against yours and slowly removed myself. You opened your eyes without fright and looked at me in a way that made my heart melt instantly. I realised I just kissed you for the first time, but I could think of no more perfect way.

We stepped out of the train and we started walking to my home. Though I could have used my bike I thought you might have liked the walk, sitting still all the time in the plane and the train. So we walked the 10-minute walk to my home, talking and teasing a bit. Making me feel incredibly close to you and only making me love you more. While we walked you also told me what you dreamt in your dreams while you were traveling towards me. Dreams of every moment you were reliving. You explained to me in fine detail how it was in your dreams and it made us both feel very aroused and close.

We arrived at my home, I opened the door and knew you would like to just fall into bed. I had a better idea, to take a shower first to feel more clean so you would sleep even better. I convinced you with a kiss and took you upstairs to my shower. I helped you undress and you helped me, we felt so close it didn't even seem strange one second. As I made sure the water was warm you already held me and caressed me. I reached back and caressed you as well. When the water was fine I dragged you into the beam of water and felt how all your muscles relaxed with the warmth of the water. I took you into my arms and caressed you all over. I loved how you let me move and wash you completely. Allowing me to learn every part of your body. You were to tired to do anything back, but that was quite alright. I did kiss both of your nipples once, very softly. More out of love then anything else. I dried you off, taking longer at certain places than I had to, but your smile seemed to encourage me on. Then I lifted you while we were still both naked and l laid you down on the bed and pulled the blankets over you. I had already made sure before that the room was nice and warm (not hot) as to be even more pleasurable and relaxing to you.

You fell asleep almost instantly and only moved to get your body in a more comfortable position out of instinct.I caressed your hair gently while your breathing became more and more steadily and relaxed. I couldn't resist to caress your body and explore it a bit more, but I restrained myself to only your back and legs as not to wake you. I kissed your shoulder and went to some reading to get my mind a bit more at peace again. All the events of the whole day played through my head. I only left the bed to go to the toilet. I didn't want to leave you. I wanted to be the first thing you saw when you woke up.

After a while I was very tired as well and turning of the light I went to sleep as well...