Jan 2004

The Past Of A Future Dream 2now past

You must have woken before me, because I only slowly woke from the feeling of your hands caressing me all over. I felt your hand moving from my chest over my stomach and back to my chest again. You circled around my nipples and I moved and moaned slightly for the shivers it send through my body. You caressed downwards, over my legs and avoiding the one place where it seemed all my blood had rushed to, teasing me incredibly. You must have felt I was awake because you moved up and kissed me deeply. You held your kiss there and allowed me to explore your sweet taste with my tongue. I opened my eyes to look into yours. I turned to the side and put my arms around you, pushing you against my skin strongly and hugging you. I couldn't resist out of the arousal you caused in me to arc my fingers and almost scratch you along your back, I felt how you arched back to allow and enjoy it. I pushed you on your back because I just wanted to have you. I kissed you everywhere and bit you in your neck teasingly, caressing your breasts with my hands. You closed your eyes out of pleasure and a moan escaped from your lips. I kissed your lips while my hands naughtily moved more downwards. I started licking and biting your breasts and nipples, while my hands caressed your legs and inner legs but not yet touching the place you wanted me to.

I positioned myself above you and continued licking and biting further and further down until I approached your cleanly shaved venus-hill. My hands held your hips firmly while I approached there with only the tip of my tongue. I felt you shiver while my tongue moved down and I didn't slow down yet. This first lick, to tease you more, was exactly over the middle so you could feel everything. But I didn't go back the same way. I licked the sides of your outer lips and enjoyed how your juices started overflowing there and so loved the taste of it. You started squirming and almost begged me to lick you more. This first time it was to much to delay. I started licking your clitoris more and more directly, also moving one hand closer and caressed your entrance. I tried to drink all of the juices coming out of you and loved the taste of it so much. I slided a finger in you and slid it in deep inside you while I was still licking you. A second finger followed quickly. I arched them so that I could stroke your G-spot together with licking our clitoris. I continued licking and stroking you in a solid rhythm to make you cum. And you did. I felt how your moans started to get louder and how your muscles tightened up. I felt the pleasure in you wave through your body towards my fingers and tongue. I continued until every wave had faded away. And while the last wave was still fading I moved completely over you. My penis was stiff already and I knew this would be a difficult moment for you.

My penis was in front of your entrance, I used my hand to guide a bit better, just to be sure and while you tensed in anticipation I very slowly put it on your entrance. I removed my hand and very gently pushed. I saw your eyes widen in fear and kissed you while holding my penis still for you to relax. I slowly started pushing against you and slid in far more easily than you would have expected. The fear in your eyes was replaced by amazement at first and by pleasure after that. I slid in deeper still and felt you enclose me completely. I moved in and out slightly to make it more relaxing for us both and your body started moving as a reflex to the pleasure it felt. I seemed to feel the amazement in you as I was inside you, as if you couldn't believe it was this easy and this good. You started moving with me, allowing me to go deeper and faster and move in a steady rhythm which seemed to match your own. We kept moving that way while I tried my hardest not to cum this soon. But it felt to good to be in you and I could feel myself and you as well rising to another orgasm. Your vagina started tensing her muscles and made me feel a wave of pre-orgasmic proportions. I moved in and out of you in the same rhythm as you moved against me and after seconds of intense joy which seemed to last forever I felt myself cum. I only noticed with the last part of my mind still working that you came as well, only making my own orgasm that much stronger. My whole being tensed and wavered in pleasure as I felt my balls pushing fluids into your body. I almost collapsed on you and only stopped myself by pure reflexes with my arms until they gave out as well. I could hardly breathe or think while the orgasm was subsiding. I felt my penis slowly relaxing but I kept being in you. I didn't want to leave just yet.

I opened my eyes when my body had recovered enough to do so. I looked into your eyes and enjoyed the warm glow we both shared. I kissed you again, letting our tongues play the same intimate dance our bodies did just now. I was still inside you, and though we were not making love I felt more close to you then ever. I was wondering for a second but didn't want to speak just yet and waited another kiss which lasted a loving forever. I moved my face a bit away from yours so you'd know I'd wanted to say something while still looking in your eyes. I was wondering if I should ask if you would want a shower or if you would want to stay here. I wanted to ask you what you wanted to do today or even the rest of your life. But I didn't... I just stared in your eyes and felt overcome with all the love I feel for you and let my mind just calm down with that emotion.

I smiled and I asked you if you wanted to take a nice warm shower to relax your body, which was still a bit stiff because of the flight. You said it was a good idea and kissed me. This kiss again seemed to go on for a lovingly forever and I caressed your breasts while we kissed while you caressed my back. We released each other and I very slowly moved out of you. You felt me move out and clenched my back to slow the process lovingly and I kissed softly as I continued to move out. When I was completely outside of you again I got up and stuck my hands out for you to grasp. I pulled you up and pulled you against my body to give you a firm hug. Our bodies still felt like only one being and the hug was almost as lovely as being inside of you. My mind filled with the passion I felt still and my body feeling awake and longing for you I released our hug and took your hand to take you to the shower. Not even an hour has passed since we woke but already it feels as if we have spend a loving lifetime together. Everything feels just so normal and simple with you. Well, we have a whole day ahead of us and the day started in a way not to be improved in any way possible as far as my mind can take me now.

This is just our first day, our first morning...