Feb 2010

Them Allunhidden

Summer, Saturday afternoon. It's busy in the mall. People doing shopping, groceries, clothes and other needs or luxuries that people buy. You're sitting on the edge of the fountain in the middle, waiting for me. I already saw you, looking from a little distance, but you hadn't seen me yet. In fact, I was a little surprised you managed to get here before me. Usually I'm the one waiting for you.

The dress you're wearing looks quite nice on you. It's a pity you don't wear it more often, but I suppose you feel very girly in a dress and prefer a skirt or short pants. I step out of my virtual shadows and walk right towards you. A second passes until you see me through the crowd but you stand up and run towards me to embrace me. It's a good start for a sunny afternoon, even better when you whisper in my ear something I would have never expected.

"I want you now... Here..."

"You mean here, in the mall?" There is a vibration of fear in my voice, but also a warm glow of awe and lust in response to your idea.

One word, whispered hotly was enough to convince me of how serious you really were. "Yes."

You run your hands under my shirt while you're still pressed against me, pulling me, not entirely sure of where to go. Looking around, there were not many places where we could do anything completely unnoticed. But there were some corners, here and there, that appeared to be secluded enough to be naughty without too many people looking at us. One in particular was of interest, next to a closed shop (a sale no one was here to buy) and below the escalators. It was out of the immediate walking route and even offered some privacy. Though anyone who glanced in the direction would be able to see us.

We walk there, hand in hand, trying not to look conspicuous (and probably failing horribly) while walking into the corner. There we barely take a look around before your hands disappear underneath my shirt again. I blush, surprised by how... scandalous you appear to be today. I wouldn't say it's completely unlike you, but you did manage to surprise me completely. My hands hold you as if we're hugging. To outsiders it would just seem like two lovers taking a gentle hug away from the crowd. My fingers are tingling though, they long to grab you lower, to tease you.

You, again, manage to beat me to it though. Sliding with your hands around to my back, you slide down past the edge of my pants and managed to run your fingers over my butt, causing shivers down my spine. It stops the kiss I had wanted to give you, giving you yet another chance to surprise me. Your lips find mine easily, and they open, like mine, to allow our tongues to dance.

It affects me so hotly, your kiss and teasing, that I'm uncomfortably pressed against you in the front. It feels so good to have you this close, but part of my mind still knows we're in a mall and I can't really touch you without anyone else seeing. To make matters worse (or better) you even ride up to me somewhat, your warm crotch moving over my penis, with just some thin layers of fabric in between.

One hand of mine finally managed to devise a plan and execute it. It slides through the straps of your summer dress in the front and easily caresses the gentle slope of your breasts. Your nipples are so stiff they're almost like tiny fingers reaching out for me, inviting me to pinch them, twist them a little to make you grope me even more. It's a game we play, a game that is slowly starting to attract a little attention. But passers by just glance for a moment before continuing on their consumer's path.

My other hand moves to the front as well, trying to take you by surprise for a change. It worked. As my hand slid under your dress, finding nothing between my fingers and your slippery entrance but a soaked piece of cloth. Your panties. While I longed to touch you and slide in, I managed, barely, to instead tease you by sliding over your panties, rubbing it where I knew you would be sensitive. Driving you crazier. Another kiss confirmed it. You almost bit my tongue off in pleasure.

Your fingers were a little naughtier, undoing the button of my pants and pulling the zipper down so you could reach in and just free the monster that had been kept within. I was very grateful, for both the freedom and the intense pleasure the light stroke of your fingers gave me. It was unfair, as my fingers only touched you through the cloth. When I opened my eyes, still feeling your fingers stroking me, I saw another young couple staring for a few moments longer before they saw me looking and moved on.

But I wasn't going to let you win this game, my fingers moved the fabric of your panties aside and my middle finger easily rubbed directly over your clitoris. Your hands clenched so tightly around my member that I was afraid I'd already lose it. When my finger slid inside of you, the clench was repeated, but this time made more intense by a light stroke at the same time. You were incredibly warm and wet, my fingers sliding over your beautiful sensitive private flesh. I longed for you. You could feel my heartbeat in my member, wanting you.

It was a little odd to manoeuvre this way, but we managed. You stood on your toes, lifting yourself up enough to slide down on me. I mostly didn't even realize what was happening until I felt the smooth, warm, wet touch of your vagina against my penis. Your arms were wrapped around my shoulders, holding yourself up. I realized that I had to help, moving my arms to hold your waist. It looked like we were hugging, but you managed, tilting your hips, to let my head slide inside.

Slowly you lifted yourself again, almost making me bite you. My head slipped out of you again, I wanted you so bad, it was unreal. But you wanted me as well, the heat was emanating from your whole body. Another move and I was back inside, this time you pushed harder so I slid deeper inside of you. I was almost frozen with lust, pleasure and intensity. You were the one winning this game, with a landslide. Shamelessly I groped your butt outside of your dress as you lowered yourself on me completely. My fingers pressing into you reflected in your vagina contracting.

It was heaven.

Balancing on your toes, you managed to make it feel like you were riding me. I wasn't sure how much could be seen from the outside, but I didn't care. You were very close as well, it would take very little to make you cum together with me. And I knew just what to do. It was cheating a little bit, but I wanted it, as did you. I bit in your ear, warmly and lustfully at the same time as a very deep thrust into you, as deep as I could. We came together, holding our breath to not let out any screams.

We both shivered on our feet, still caught in the throes of orgasm, blissfully ignorant of the world outside. Bliss... and full.

The moment passed very slowly, you kissing me softly in my neck with a big smile on your face. I just had a look of surprise, awe and wonder. You were so full of life, lust, love and sex. So much more than I could ever have imagined. From somewhere, you magically retrieved a paper napkin. As my member relaxed, you lifted yourself off me and cleaned yourself between your legs. Enough to be presentable anyway. You left some of the paper in your panties, doing an absorbent duty, while I tried to make myself presentable again.

There was no one watching, or if they had been, they'd moved on already. I couldn't believe we'd just gotten away with this, but it didn't matter. I didn't care. I had you. Hand in hand, we walked away, mixing in the crowd once more. Disappearing.

Full of bliss.