Mar 2010

Tender Barwould you let yourself go?

Of all the nights to lose your purse, it had to be this one. Going out with some colleagues was fun enough and the bar was nice, clean and with decent music. The clientele wasn't anything to write home about, but the bartender definitely attracted your attention. But here you were, miles from home and locked out of your car. It wasn't raining yet but it didn't look far away, the sky was definitely ominously dark.

Without keys.

A bit ashamed, you walked back to the bar and looked inside. The barman was still there, cleaning up and probably going home soon. Only the lights above the bar were still on. Softly you tapped the door, not wishing to disturb but with no other choice. Everything was in your purse, phone, keys, wallet...

He looked up, smiled surprised and walked towards the door. For a moment there was just the two of you, him and you, looking at each other through the glass. It was hard to see the other for either of you, shadows rich and thick on both sides, but it didn't take long for him to open the door.

"Can I help you?"

His warm voice sounded much nicer now that the music didn't drown it out. You still weren't sure how old he really was, thirty five, forty perhaps, but he looked quite fit for his age. Taking care of a bar must be hard work.

You smiled innocently. "I lost my purse, did I leave it here?"

He smiled back, green eyes twinkling. "Let me guess, dark leather, brand embossed in copper on the side?"

You nodded and tried not to look like a schoolkid scolded. "Yes, that's the one. It has my car-keys and everything..."

He opened the door further. "Come on in then." He waited until you were inside and closed the door behind you. It didn't need to be locked, but it could only be opened from the inside. It looked so different inside, the dark and light colors of the modern decorations almost shifted in the lack of light. It looked very empty, somehow. Expectant of a public that would come again tomorrow.

At the bar, you standing in front and him standing behind it, he reached down and handed you your purse. Everything was still in it, thank god. Even the money in your wallet was still there, how lucky. The man had already returned to his routine, just the final things before he could go. His body, bent over away from you to put some glasses back in the lower cupboard, looked very fit. Sexy even. It was hard not to glance at his back... and lower.

"Don't stare too much." He didn't even turn around to look.

Of course you blushed. "Hey, it's not my fault you look sexy."

It took you a few moments to realize the glass doors above him reflected you perfectly. You smiled at him, knowing and showing the secret. He smiled back, amused that you didn't have to ask how he knew, intrigued by your honesty and openness. He stood up and looked at you, the green of his eyes shining oddly in the high lights of the bar.

This time you took control. "So, do you own this place?"

He was again surprised, but answered easily. "Yes, for over ten years now."



There was something in the way he said it that made you feel very sad. Even though his face didn't immediately show it, you could feel the weight behind that one word.

"Did she leave you?"

Impressed, he answered with a wry smile. "In a sense. She died."

You averted your eyes, unsure what to say. "I'm sorry."

He walked back to the door. For a moment you were afraid he'd ask you to leave, but he didn't. Instead he locked it properly, taking the time to close the shutters on the higher windows and looking around if he had forgotten anything. It looked like an old routine, but it was done with a lot of care. As he returned he didn't go back to his side of the bar, but instead stood right next to you.

As you looked up, there was a warm smile. "It's quite alright. We'll leave through the back door if you don't mind. If you want, I can even offer you a drink although it wouldn't be wise if you still want to drive." He winked playfully.

What could you possibly say in a situation like that? "Was it long ago?"

He appeared to think. "Thirteen months, five days. It was sad to see her go, but what we had was something I will never forget." He motioned towards a door next to the bar.

You were blushing, but for all the wrong reasons in a situation like this. Every time he spoke, chills ran through your spine; the warmth, intensity and even love he had. Every time you blinked, images flashed in front of you. Images you tried hard to ignore.

You hoped he didn't notice.

"Has it been hard running the bar alone?"

He nodded. "Yeah, but not as hard as I first thought. It helped distract me and keep me strong. A lot of her is in here and it's like working in a monument of our bond. It helps me through the darkest times."

"That is beautiful." The words had escaped your lips. "That thought I mean. That you can remember her fondly."

He smiled and opened the door to the back room. "Thank you." He moved towards you as you passed, kissing you on the cheek, fairly close to your ear. "You're quite beautiful yourself."

Blushing terribly by what had just happened, you just blinked and looked ahead, into the next room. It wasn't quite what you had expected. Instead of a storage room, it was a proper back room, complete with corner sofas, some tables and a large, very high quality pool-table in the middle. The space around the table betrayed the real purpose of the room. A blackboard, cleaned well but used often, would have kept the scores. This wasn't for fun or a hobby, this looked like it was used for very serious games.

You felt hands sliding over your stomach from behind while you stared at the room, your eyes locked on the table. His warm voice behind you whispered in your ear. "Like it?"

He just stood there, holding you for a few precious moments. Not forcing you, just embracing with his strong arms. His breathing was calm and controlled, his eyes, you now noticed, as green as the cloth on the table itself. You turned around, your focus having shifted from one emerald to another, and kissed.

Deeper this time.

Your hands finally grasped the back of his neck, feeling the slight stubble on his cheeks and the strength of his body. Your lips parted, allowing your tongue to play with his, tasting his saliva. It was as sweet as you hoped it to be. You could even taste the subtle flavour of scotch on his breath; a well-deserved nightcap after the crowd. For a moment you wondered if he could taste the amaretto still on yours. Neither of you had had much.


The kisses became deeper, more passionate. It was almost as if you felt possessed, taken over by an urge, an intensity you barely knew. His responses to you, his touches, caresses and movements all felt genuine. Open and honest. You felt his hands on your ass, squeezing it tightly, pressing your hips against his. Dress against jeans, firmness disguised but noticed.


He pushed you backwards, forcing and guiding you five, no six steps towards the edge of something hard, wooden. Your fingers explored the edge, felt the cloth, recognized the table. He lifted you up with ease, holding you and almost letting you drop on the edge. The shock of the hard edge on your butt was like being spanked. In a good way. His hands crawled underneath your dress while your hands did the same underneath his shirt. Exposing, exploring.

The pure white of his shirt contrasted sharply with the dark purple of your dress. Your hands eagerly followed the shapes of the muscles on his back and shoulders, slowly lifting up the shirt. He did the same, touching your stomach and bra-restricted breasts while the cloth rose. He arrived first, forcing you to relinquish your grasp of his body so that yours could be more exposed. Time froze for just a few seconds while he admired your body.

His warm voice echoed in the room. "You are beautiful."

There was no longer any chance of you maintaining control. Once he started kissing just above your breasts, tasting the sweat of the evening, the sweet bitterness of your perfume, the shivers through your body were simply too much. One of his hands undid the buttons of his shirt while you leaned back and enjoyed. One quick sweep of shirt and undershirt later, you twisted to lean on only one hand so the other could feel his chest. His eager heartbeat.

Beating fast.

The kisses came closer to your nipples as he managed to undo your bra, sliding it off your arms smoothly. Your nipples awaited his arrival with anticipation. Deeper shivers flowed back and forth with every lick, ending between your legs. A shock as he bit. It wasn't too deep or too hard, but just right. His hands already pulled your legs closer to the edge again, lifting you to remove the only piece of clothing you had left. He was still in his jeans, looking at you with a smile, strong and tempting. He knew what you wanted. You knew what he wanted. You crawled back up on the table, laying in the middle, uttering only one word. Sultry, hot, desiring.

"Come." Assisted by a movement of your fingers.

Silence covered the room, ears peaked in eager expectation. His hands slowly moved down to his own hips, undoing the button and grasping the little handle of the zipper. It made a low, rough sound as the teeth parted and gave way to a growing bulge in his boxers. Never leaving your eyes, staring in them with the same green as beneath you, he lowered his jeans, leaving his boxer-shorts right where they were. They weren't his to remove, that honor was yours. His shoes and socks removed, he climbed up next to you.

His movements were feral, hands and knees moving one at a time, as he climbed over you. He placed small kisses on your feet, shins, thighs, stomach and breasts. Even your hands and arms received a token of appreciation from this man that was about to take you. He hovered above you to give you the chance, the joy of feeling him, removing the final piece of cloth that stood between the two of you. Cloth that was visibly stretched in desire.

Your fingers flowed over his back at first, going down to his butt and sliding around it, feeling the cloth itself. While you could have ripped it away in an instance, it was better this way, to explore his shape before you saw it. With closed eyes you could already imagine it, tracing it with your hands and pushing it. He grunted deeply, a dark moan of desire, urging you to go on. Without touching his member further, you slid his boxer-shorts down as far as you could, to just above his knees, and waited for him to move them away.

Beneath you, the green cloth tickled slightly. Above you, his eyes glinted erotically.

There was no need to ask, your legs opened and embraced him. His member pointed directly where it wanted to go. His smile neared your lips and kissed it, holding the kiss while his body moved closer. You felt the tip of him pressing against you, held there calmly but with strength as the kiss ended and he waited, with open, staring eyes, for you to look. To see him.

You opened your eyes and stared.

Very slowly, you could feel him sliding inside you. Back and forth, bit by bit, going deeper and deeper. You tried not to moan, tried to keep focused on those intense portals to his soul, those reflections of his desire but you couldn't. Not anymore. Once he hit your deepest point, you blinked and lost it.

His thrusts were sudden and fast, wild and profound. Every one of them distinctly felt, yet melting together into a single loud buzz of pleasure. His teeth found your neck, biting it while you moaned. You could feel his breath in your ear, the focus in his exhales. He was as deep into the moment was he was into you. Soon he could no longer lean on his arms and finally laid on you while he kept on thrusting.

The both of you rolled on your sides, looking into each others eyes, hips finding a perfect rhythm. It wasn't far off, for either of you. But it was something that you wanted to do together. His arms around you, your legs around his. A single being of lust, sensuality and pleasure that moved relentlessly inside itself. Desire rose, as the waves and buzz of orgasm gathered, concentrated and crashed.

Both of you came.

You could feel the heat of his body inside of you, pushing you fuller as he emptied himself. Both of you moaned, the room filled with sound. Eyes were no longer able to see, rolled back in the convulses, attempting to look into the brain itself. The other senses filled it all in. Smells of both your sweat, lust and cum filled your noses even during the orgasm, only making it stronger. You could taste it on the tongue of your open mouth. The sounds reflected on every surface, a cacophony of sex that reverberated in your head.

The sense of touch was indescribable.

Inside and out, you felt completely touched, caressed, pleasured. Even though he no longer moved, you still felt everything. His stiffness inside of you, his hands on your back, his hot legs wrapped in yours. You felt the thin layer of sweat on your skin, cooling you down fervently while the heat inside had not even started to dissipate.

Time flowed like the remainders of lust inside of you.

Your eyes slowly opened to find his looking at you with a smile. Your purse had again left you, but this time it was nearby and the loss of it had not bothered you one bit. He kissed you again, very slowly. Allowing you all the time to feel him inside of you moving slightly as he had to lean in, to feel his chest against yours, feeling the warm tingling in your whole body. His tongue invited you to dance and you answered. It lasted for several sweet seconds, no rush nor need to make it stop.

It faded naturally.

He smiled again as he looked at you. "I knew you'd come back for it."