Dec 2017

12 Days of NimjaOn the first day of Christmas...

Download MP3: 12 Days of Nimja

History of the song

I had the idea for this a year or so ago. It resurfaced (way too late!) this holiday season when me and Kristen T Clark wanted to work together on a song.

Vocals by me, all other instruments by her!

Not to mention she also did the arrangement and suffered my many bits of feedback as we tried to get this out in time for Christmas...


On the 12 days of Christmas Sir Nimja gave to you:

12 Silent Whispers
11 Fingers Feeling
10 Tricky Triggers
9 Moments Moaning
8 Tempted Teases
7 Special Spankings
6 Carnal Cravings
5 Golden Rules
4 Fading Thoughts
3 Times Dropped
2 Words Obeyed
and a place to sit at his feet