Aug 2012

LullabyA lullaby for a friend, long ago.

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History of the song

Originally made for a very dear friend who was in a lot of pain. This was, in a way, a project I could never properly finish.

But it's a cute song so I share here the (very rough) version that I made back then.


- Verse
Feel the comfort of your bed
Try to listen to your dreams
There is so much to explore
And I want to show you more
Of bliss

Feel the quiet in your head
Fly through many varied themes
There are places close and far
Where you're famous or a star
Like this

- Refrain
Will you - come with me
There's so - much to see
Let your - heart run free
There's a - place to be

In our dreams
In our dreams

- Verse
Feel the flowers and the sky
Fly your kites or simply smile
There are wonders to be found
Above clouds and underground
For you

Feel the earth pull and defy
Dance around with so much style
There is never any end
To what you can comprehend
Or do

- Refrain

- Bridge
And there I will protect you from any bad things, that try to creep inside
And there I will walk with you through any gardens, your mind would try to hide

- Verse
Feel it's time for you to sleep
Close your eyes and let it go
There's adventures to be had
All the things that make you glad
And fine

Feel your body sinking deep
Let your thoughts become so slow
Travel with me in the night
Let me be your guiding light
To shine

- Refrain