Aug 2010

A returnBut not "The"?

Hello true believers...

I always wanted to do that. As some might immediately recognize, I am a bit of a fan of certain comics. But that's not the point right now, the point is, that Stuffed! is back!

Some things that delayed its return. As some of you may know, I use Illustrator to create it, this made it relatively easy to make new strips, but hard to draw stuff. In CS5, there was a LOT of new functionality that I could use. To go into a bit of techno-babble, mainly tapered lines were the problem. You see, I like tapered lines, especially in my comic, as it makes it less bulky and more smooth. Or sharp. Or crisp. Or kentucky fried.

Anyway, in earlier versions, this was doable, but only with various problems, the most annoying of which is the slight irregularities that no one but myself would notice. So I had to change some of the art to finally remove those irking errors and improve some of it too. The result? A happier Nimja and better-looking Pirate Panda.

Don't worry, I didn't forget about Lucy and Puddy. There will also be some new characters, soonish. I hope to get into the groove again real soon. Same goes for the writing, it's not like I will ever have a shortage of ideas. Trust me on that one.

Incidentally, this is page 1010 on my site. Important? No. Awesome? Eh... maybe?