Apr 2010

AN2All the noose you need

We're back after such a long time away! Alotta Noose here with the scoop on the site.

Many, many things have changed since last we met, from losing a job to finding a new one, from changing the design to actually changing the site.

Let's review a few, shall we?

New news!

With a small backlog of old news, but the new news is even sparklier. Having a separate area on the front page (and still being in the RSS feed) the new news is definitely not old! Most of this will contain changes/improvements to the site and possibly about upcoming events. Which neatly brings us to:


Very soon there will be a contest on Nimja.com, with which you can win a VERY spiffy Pirate Panda long-sleeve (black with print). A few more of those shirt will be fore sale later, even though it's not quite clear how.

Short Stories

Those who are a bit curiouser then most might have discovered the short erotic stories a long time ago, but now they are here in full splendor. Just read them here.


Drawings have been improved as well with a more informative gallery. Nimja even made it possible for you to see when the images were made. The comments on them will improve.

Comment system

The big one. Comments on the site has been radically changed. Rather then using a normal comment system, this is a mix between comments and a forum. It is possible to create custom threads and more easily read them. And, if you Login of course), you can even see comments you've made and people have responded. The new format also makes it a lot easier to just read through them, using an elegant format and a simpler date display.

Some minor tutorial:
Threads have a parent and a subject. You can see all the threads per parent (No longer here.) and read individual comments. Just explore it, it has more features then you think!

Oh, and I've just been told that: feedback is greatly appreciated!

Wow... That was quite the story!

Well, A.N. signing off. Oh, and don't worry, after you've read all the new things, the regular schedule (or something very similar) will be picking up again.

Oh, and maybe this is just a rumor, but I heard that the site looks a lot nicer in other browsers than Internet Explorer.