Apr 2010

AN1Noosy! (click here)

Alotta Noose here, with, as always, a lot of news for you!

Broadcasting live from the sunny, or rather rain swept lands of Nimja with only the best and most valuable bits.

Today we start with some sad notes. Unfortunately, one of the older characters in Frozen Youth will get a name change. While it was initially thought of it as a homage rather than an insult, some Jewish friends of the author convinced him otherwise. Kyrios will be his new name. (I've been told it was not an easy choice).

Another sad note, but not quite as definite, as your comments might prove to be quite impactful on this. Twilight might be changed as well. With the advent of some annoyingly popular vampire series of the same name, shame is almost immediately felt every time people associate that with the Fantasy story here of the same name. Suggestions for a new name are warmly welcomed.

Well, I'm also sure a lot of you would wish to know when the author starts writing again. The simple answer to this is... soon-ish. I've been told that the writer wishes to organize his stories a lot better and has found a way to do this. Namely: yWriter. This is a powerful piece of software for writers, including a lot of very useful and powerful features. It's written by a successful writer and, best of all, is fully free.

So, I suppose the good news is that the stories will become less fault prone (some people might still remember the 'bracelet' mess up) and of higher quality. However, it may take a few days before it has all been set up. You do realize that there are over 550 chapters of all stories in total, right?

And now for the weather.

There is a hot front in the Catherine region, with some submissive play from the north. The southern areas of Frozen Youth are still coping with some left-over snow from Isabel's demise but I'm sure that will clear up soon. While Runewald has seen very little change lately, forecasts predict some imminent movement not too far away. But we can only hope.

This was Alotta Noose, reporting live, for you!

(the change from Adonai to Kyrios is fairly definite, but suggestions/comments on the Twilight issue are highly appreciated)

Update: Okay... I am an idiot... Kyrios is just as 'bad' as Adonai. So I've had to change it yet again. I'm really sorry. I truly am. The new name: Afentis (modern Greek meaning Lord/Master, but at least not used in the Bible)