Mar 2010

The Good, the badand the explanation

As some people may have noticed, there is a distinct lack of updates on my site. This is because everything is on an unexpected and temporary hiatus. Stuffed had a few made in advance, so hence they still running. So, lets dive right into it, in reverse order.

The explanation

I've been made redundant.

The company I work for (and have worked for for several years with great pleasure) has decided to let me(as well as a few others) go. I don't feel any resentment towards them though, just sadness. They provided me with really good challenges, ones that fill me with pride upon completion. I salute them with honor.

The bad

Naturally, this gives me a lot of stress and distractions. Having to look for a new job, all the paperwork involved, etc. etc. Boring as hell and tiring as hell too. When I get home, I don't really feel very inspired to write anything at the moment, which I hope is understandable. Don't worry it won't be forever, but I need the break right now. Also, I'm doing the best I can to keep this muse shortage as short as possible.

The good

Of course I will get back to everything as soon as I can manage. Also, this provides me with an opportunity to find a different employer and see what other challenges I can find. It might even turn out for the better! Just bear with me and please people, please!, comment on my stuff. It's very difficult to feel inspired when I am already sad and no one is commenting. They help me feel that there are people out there reading the stuff I write and appreciate the effort I go through.

Anyway, enough whining from me. Just be patient, a'ight?