Jan 2007

FateThe future is not ours to know

The future is not ours to know
We cannot help what stops or starts
We cannot change what others think
we only change what's in our hearts

And though we do not wish to hurt
It will happen though you try to win
It's impossible to factor in
All the details of the world.

And stubborn as I ever am
Never will I lay myself
Down to fate this easily
Or place my feelings on a shelf

I know some things I cannot change
However hard I try
And I know that I will hurt
The ones that are close by

I'm only human as I am
But giving up is not the choice
So I will try, and try again
And let hear my voice

But I'll forgive the faults I'll make
And make them I will do
As long as my intentions
And my thoughts stay pure and true