Jan 2007

I search...I told a tale, so long ago

I told a tale, so long ago
Where I was still a child
Where simple things were happiness
Unworried and so mild

I never changed and yet I have
A child I am within
Things I've learned and learned to lose
And seek someone akin

I know of honor and of valor
And honesty I value high
Yet I'm surprised that no one here
Seems to wonder why

Or even responds...

I seek someone who understands
Who's stubborn and headstrong
Honest, yes, above all else
And maybe... yes maybe
Would make a moment
A night long

I like to see that you don't care
What others think of you
And that you let your mind live free
And make your dreams come true?

I shun away from those who think
That others make the rule
Or disrespect of any life
And those who think they're cool