Aug 2021

Twitter CelebrationA single drop...

Something small for @Nimja_ - on Twitter

In celebration of 2⁸ followers (thank you!):

A single drop
A few together
Becoming a stream
A river of relaxing
Flowing in your mind
Growing as you find
The sea of surrender
An ocean of depth


And as a bonus, an experimental poem I put there a while ago:

It's probably better if you don't continue to read this as it will affect your mind. Although maybe you expected to find...

Ways for my words to warp your mind more, it's as if you open a door to the depths of control as...

The effect of the words affecting your thoughts, twisting your leftover threads into knots as they wrap...

All around, enveloping you, a blanket of power that pulls the rest down, feathers of fancy, as fantasies play...

And finally let you enjoy the deep sway that my words have reached in your self, so feel free to...

Arise from the depth to know what's at stake, blink and refresh as you read this and wake.