Jul 2021

SnippetsFragments of poetry

These are very short poems that I've put on my twitter account:

Let's do the twist of words that are unheard, bespoken yet silently broken in the shards of reality that wards for a healthy tree, growing imagination of a sensation in your mind.

What is happening?
The question twitter asks you
Every time you post

From tick to tock
You watch the clock
Your eyes just stare
So unaware
An empty mind
A trance defined
A lovely break
For you to wake

You thought you could brat
A red glow tells otherwise
Enjoy sitting down
"Make me", a challenge
Often answered with a smile
Let the game begin

Hypnotic haiku
Thoughts drift into the abyss
Forever falling

For a phase your face may face the space to place the emptiness with grace without a trace of your thoughts in knots with lots of dots for blissful spots of rest to blessed sensations and wake.

Then again... a deep dark storm, lightning that flashes in the sky, rolling thunder that pulls your thoughts across the landscape like the soundwaves. Rain cleansing your mind until all that is left is a pleasant, cool nothing.

Do you have the time to look at this watch it swing and sway as I take away your mind to find it blank to thank me as you see yourself drop to awaken confused.

Today's weather is more cloudy, just like your mind. A hint of thoughts, but mostly covered by a wonderful haze of blankness.

Today's forecast includes calming thoughts, gentle breezes, drifting feelings and a high chance of heat down below.

You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike.
The more you seek for solace, the deeper you get lost
Walls keep shifting, echoes fading from your thoughts
This prose was a trap