Jan 2007

Wonderous DreamsOh the world we make with all our dreams

This is a tribute to a movie, a movie which has, as only very few movies can, touched my heart. I will not speak which, for it will be known to those who know already. And I wish not to send people chasing after something they can only find by chance.

Oh the world we make with all our dreams
How we fill them with our thoughts
With all those wonders and the horrors
The things we found the things we sought

And as we're all chased by the tick
And the tock we hear of time
Most of us just lose our dreams
I believe that's such a crime

I notice people find me hard
With my ways and all my words
Because I only know of simpleness
I seem to cause so many hurts

But my only wish is stay a child
In all the ways I possibly can
Responsible for all my deeds
But never out of neverland