Nov 2007

Chapter 63About Missing Material

We both looked surprised. She, probably, wondered just like me if he meant the sensing of things. It was always a buzzing in the background, noticeable only when there was either nothing on our minds or focus. It seemed less now, compared to being right next to Isabel. Why did she have such an effect on us.

Khuna spoke first. "You mean like your senses?"

Kai pondered. "More everything. Stronger, faster and more sensitive. In my mind and my body. It is... weird."

I frowned. "But aren't we supposed to become stronger over time?"

Kai nodded. "Well yeah, but perhaps it's not getting stronger, just more aware of what we can do. I just... I can't help feeling it has to do with Isabel."

"She's done something to us..." Khuna's voice was thoughtful.

I shrugged. What did I know? I'd only been a vampire for a very short time and changing all the time. For me everything was new, but... I did have the feeling it wasn't the same for them. When I first met Khuna and Valerie they appeared in control. They were just going through mental checklists as they helped me. Clothing, a bed, parents... And since they've known me things have just been going wrong. Kai hacked, Khuna hurt, Valerie drugged. And, apparently, each of us getting stronger.

"But what has she done?" Kai answered Khuna.

"Who?" I missed part of the conversation.

Khuna giggled despite herself. "Isabel.

"She hasn't done anything." I spoke without thinking. "Her presence is just so intense we are confronted by it. Even at a distance, like that Gypsy woman."

Khuna motioned me to stay quiet, but it was too late.

"What woman?" Kai frowned.

"Just one of the gypsies in the park. A fortune teller. She freaked out when she looked deeper into Amy and warned us about Isabel." She tried to make it sound unimportant.

"Oh, okay." Kai shrugged.

It didn't surprise me that Kai wouldn't believe in it. It was the ethereal world, as far apart from the computer world as it could be. I wondered if things were different had Khuna spoken with enthusiasm, vigor. It didn't matter. I guess Khuna felt fragile, her world exposed. But was it her world or just a memory.

I shook my head. Such strange thoughts today, I just couldn't focus.

Was that how Valerie felt? Just stronger? Just thoughts drifting by?

"What do you think Amy?" Khuna's voice.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"If Isabel is dangerous?" She said it as honest and simply as she could.

What did I think? Was she dangerous? "I'm not sure, but I have a feeling she is. She... Feels wrong."

Kai frowned. "What do you mean?"

"It's so hard to explain. It's just that her body doesn't reflect the inside. But she doesn't feel immortal or something. Just... a passenger on that little girls body. Eh... that reminds me. Kai, did you find anything on her?"

He looked surprised. "Find on her? Oh, that search Valerie had me do. Strangely, no, nothing. And that's very odd since that age is not easily forgotten."

"And the orphanage?"

"Oh, that's a whole different matter." He grinned. "You'll like what I found on them."

"Tell me?" I really wanted to know.

"They're not real."