Nov 2007

Chapter 64About Sudden Strength

"Wait, hold on. How do you mean not real?" I tried to understand. "I saw the sticker in the car and everything."

Kai smiled. "Okay, I'll be more precise. It's not a real orphanage, as simple as that. I mean, they have a website, property and pay their taxes of course. But it's an obvious front for... Well, not child-labor but a sort of experimentation thing. And they're very selective in which children they accept. As it's a sort of high-class orphanage." He took a deep breath. "And owned by some very high class people either in the City Council or the hospital."

At least my mind was focused now. It all made sense somehow. The strange people, how they talked about the boy. He was just cattle... worse even. Just someone to use and throw away. I was both disgusted and intrigued. Why did they do it? I decided it was something to find out.

"Can you give me the address. I'm going there tomorrow, alone I think."

"No you're not. I'm coming with you." Kai grinned, he did look kind of cute sometimes.

"You are?" I was surprised at his reaction. "Why?"

"Because there's a fair bit of security which you won't be able to bypass on your own. Besides, I know they've got computers there I can't access from here. So I want to check over there." He winked. "I'll prepare everything now so we can leave early tomorrow."

I guess I had no choice. "I guess."

Khuna giggled. "You two go have fun tomorrow. It's not like you've had any time together yet." She winked playfully.

I poked Khuna playfully. "You tease!" I smiled, most worries forgotten. "Alright alright. It looks like we're going out tomorrow Kai." I winked to him, enjoying the slight blush it caused.

Kai laughed. "We kind of got off track on the becoming stronger issue though."

Khuna nodded. "Yeah, but it's hard to say anything about it. There is one other possibility though."

Kai looked up. "Like what?"

Khuna sounded more serious. "Well... to be honest, it started when Amy came with us. And not that I wish to imply it's Amy herself, but I have the strange feeling we're... eh... complete somehow. As if we make each other stronger. Yet... I have a feeling she is different." Khuna looked at me thoughtfully.

"Wait, hold on. How do you mean different?" I hoped it wasn't anything bad.

Khuna giggled. "It's nothing bad. You're just not supposed to be able to jump up the roof here within a few days."

Kai looked surprised. "What!? She's able to do that already?"

Khuna nodded. "And more, she outmaneuvered Kryss once. Of course he was surprised at the time, but still..."

Kai kept looking wide-eyed."You're kidding!"

I kept looking from one to the other. I wasn't sure I understood. Stronger? Growing up faster? What did they mean? I did remember hitting Kryss, but that was only because I remembered what he did to Khuna. And of course I was angry because he hurt her. And helping Valerie up was probably a decent feat of strength as well, though it was just something that needed to be done. Like most other things I've done. Were they afraid of me?

"No, she really did." Khuna shook her head. "There's more to her than we know. I wonder if that's why he chose her." She looked thoughtful for a moment, but then smiled. "Ah well, no use thinking about it now. Amy, don't worry, you're very welcome with us."

I looked up and smiled.

"Let's go to bed." Khuna hugged me warmly.

Surprised I froze for a moment. I hadn't expected a hug so suddenly. "Eh yeah, let's go to bed."

Kai grinned, what was so funny?

Khuna dragged me downstairs, me still a bit stunned by the last few minutes. I slowly relaxed though, coming back to feeling safe around them. It was nice to be part of this family. Even if we were a bit strange, dysfunctional and monstrous sometimes. They were my friends, they were my family. A gentle smile spread on my face.

Khuna stopped in front of her room and turned around. "Choose." She smiled at me.

I blinked. "Choose what?"

Khuna giggled. "What room do you want to sleep in?"

I wasn't sure, if only for a moment. Did I want the soft rest of sleeping alone, or the sweet warmth of sleeping together. The thought only lasted a second. I wanted to sleep next to her, it felt so nice and soft. "Yours!" I grinned.

Khuna smiled and opened her door, closing it behind me as I stepped through. I undressed partly, for the first time with her, into my undies. I waited until she walked to her bed and undressed herself as well, same as me. She laid down in bed and held the sheets open for me to crawl in. She really was like a sister to me. Just keeping me safe and teaching me things. Also, I think I still missed my parents a little. The transition had been so sudden I was only starting to realize it.

But this new family didn't substitute, it completed.

Slowly I fell into a warm sleep, unaware of the burning dreams that pursued.