Sep 2007

PrologueA Beginning

I was running across the rooftops. A jump, one more. Each flat rooftop passed me by as I ran as fast as I could. I was in danger and I knew it. I shouldn't have left the streets, shouldn't have looked for solace in the quiet rooftops.

Giant air conditioners exuded from those rooftops. Even as I sped past them, I heard their incessant humming despite the cool autumn breeze. Clouds covering the sky ominously hid the moon, showing nothing more than a pale glow. It was enough for me to see by.

Even though I couldn't hear their footsteps anywhere near I knew they were following me. Like when you sense someone watching you. Not just anyone.

He was chasing me, I could feel his presence. The threat, the tension. For a moment I wondered if he was alone, playing with the notion I could take him on.

Dream on.

He was far stronger and faster than I was. Perhaps even more intelligent. I couldn't really outrun him, fight him or escape. Anything short from jumping on a moving train probably... No! I shook my head. Bad idea.

Another jump, landing slightly awkwardly but running on. I was still looking around for a way out. All of this just because they wanted me to drink longer, deeper. Until that final drop. I refused, from first I was turned I refused. A drink was enough, a drought not needed. 'We need not kill' It was a lesson I held most dear. Sometimes I still wondered about it all, how it began. How I came to be this...

Yes, I drink blood now. I drink blood to survive. I have no choice. But I do not kill, I never take more than I need.

I still live!