Feb 2008

Chapter 149A Kiss that Dreams

The drive took surprisingly long. We made good time getting to the city, but inside there were a few road works and crows that hindered our progress. It was getting late when we finally arrived at our destination.

Hitori had guided the taxi driver to his house. I felt a bit uncomfortable going there again, considering the way I left. My thoughts reached out to Anka, she'd been surprisingly forward with me and looked very sad when I had to leave. Was she still even there? I hadn't seen her when I sneakily looked at Hitori painting. The taxi stopped and let us out with a friendly nod.

I couldn't wait to stretch my legs and got out before Hitori could let me. He did hold the door open for Nuru regardless and just smiled at me as I moved around a little on my legs. The taxi left, Hitori opened his front door. I looked and listened around but there appeared to be no other cars around. It didn't look like anyone followed us. But they, hopefully, would have seen us leave.

"Come on in." Hitori smiled and let us both in.

Of course I headed upstairs without hesitation, I knew where we were and my feelings of nervousness started to fade away, slowly. Nuru and I waited in front of his door for him to open it. I was half-expecting his apartment to be a mess, as disheveled as he was when we found him. I was wrong of course. His apartment was nice and clean, almost exactly like I remembered it though the paintings were moved, two in the living room and the rest somewhere else.

Did he sell them?

Probably not... Too personal for him.

"I'm going to see if Anka is awake." Hitori walked to the bedroom.

"Nuru, you can sit down, it's alright." She'd been standing near the door all this time, a bit unsure of how to act here. The environment was obviously too casual and it only broadened the contrast between the farm we found her and the castle. I sat down as well and offered the place next to me for her. She sat down, if a bit fidgety.

Had she never been moved? "Nuru, how long did you live on that farm?"

Nuru replied. "About three years, before that I was in another house, three years before that in another. They were almost the same, all of them, as long as I can remember."

Hitori came back and picked up the phone, he dialed something quickly and ignored us for a moment.

"Hey, is Anka with you... She isn't?... No, nothing, I just wanted to ask her something... Yeah, you too, bye."

I looked up at Hitori. "Something wrong?"

Hitori frowned. "Anka isn't here, but her stuff still is. And it's much too late for her not to be at home..."

A memory entered my mind. "Perhaps she's seducing someone?"

Hitori laughed. "Eh, you'd be surprised how often she doesn't do that." He continued laughing. "That thing she did with you was a bit out of character for her. She only does that with people she really likes. She's forward, but not easy."

I blushed, Nuru giggled beside me on the sofa. "Okay."

Hitori got more serious again. "Anyway, we can't look for her now, it's a little too late. And I'm sure she has good reason for her absence. She was supposed to stay here for quite a while... At least it gives us an extra night to think about who sleeps where."

Nuru kept silent, I giggled. "So, what's your plan?"

Hitori smiled. "Well, I was thinking of letting you girls sleep in the guest bed and I would sleep on the sofa here. I've done it before and it's not bad."

A teasing thought nagged at me. Did I want to sleep close to him? Could I let Nuru sleep alone? I felt selfish for even thinking it, but all kinds of reasons flowed into my mind. Nuru hadn't had a full night's sleep and she had either been sleeping next to me in a small bed or at the desk. And she did look tired, despite her cheerful smile. It might actually be good for her to let her sleep alone...

"If we let Nuru sleep on the guest bed, can't we both sleep in your bed now that Anka's not here?"

Hitori hesitated. How surprised was he that I asked this. How surprised was I myself? "I... eh... But what if Anka comes back tonight?"

I hadn't thought that far. "But what's the chance of her coming back today?"

Hitori frowned. "Well, the apartment looks as if it's been empty for a day or so. But... she could come back."

I giggled. "I'm sure Anka wouldn't mind that much. And she can also sleep on the sofa, as I'm sure she's done before as well."

Hitori looked at me with not a small hint of wonder. "I... guess... Alright, if you really want to."

I jumped up and hugged him, planting a kiss on his cheeks. "Thank you!"

Nuru did nothing but smile, even as we brought her to bed together she just smiled as we left the room. We walked close together back to the main bedroom and undressed our main clothes, leaving our underwear on. I got into bed first, shivering a little as the blankets were cold. Hitori got in and snuggled close to me. It felt really good to feel him this close.

It was getting harder and harder to resist the calls of my own body toward him. I wasn't used to these feelings, but I didn't mind. Slowly it took over my body and pressed my lips against his. We held each other gently, locked in this kiss. Where our tongue performed a loving dance with each other. We kept snuggling close and I felt, with a blush on my cheek, that my body responded to our intimacy as well as his.

But those kisses were all I dared now...

It was enough..

I fell asleep happy.