Feb 2008

Chapter 150Other Eyes 5 - A New Prey

The headmaster had explained his plan and let us out of the building. To be honest, it could have been much worse. We didn't take the blank book with us, obviously, but I wasn't too sure about giving him the other book back. It was Amy's... Well, it was his, but Amy would come back for it. He didn't seem too worried about it though. And in all the things he told us, he hadn't told us the most important thing.

How had he known we'd be there?

It didn't matter. His plan was sound and very likely to grant us something else we were looking for too. One of the richer members of the Brotherhood had a vault where he kept most of his stuff. Vault was too strong a name for it really, it was more like a properly decorated deep cellar. At least that was what he said. We wouldn't have to take them with us, just destroy them. That would be enough...

But would it be? Fanatics have the bad tendency to become stronger when they lose their cause before they collapse. But Valerie agreed with the plan, she had a strange gleam in her eyes that looked like revenge.

It had been a strange night.

Kai never returned, no letter, nothing.

"Khuna, wake up." A voice cut through my waking daze.


A giggle. "No, it's Valerie, come on, we've got a long night ahead of us."

I opened my eyes. "I'm sorry... My mind was wandering."

Valerie looked worried. "You need something to drink. You're looking very pale. You didn't drink anything yesterday either... Don't forget to take care of yourself Khuna."

She sounded so maternal... But she was right. And I knew she was. "Alright, we'll go somewhere and then check out that mansion."

She nodded. "Fine with me, I'll let you get dressed."

Getting my head together was harder than getting my clothes. But I did as best I could. I felt a bit down and tended to choose my darker clothes. Of course dark was a very relative term, dark blue jeans and a light green shirt worked fine. The weather was getting worse though, so a coat was no unnecessary luxury. I grabbed a simple coat from the chair and walked downstairs.

Valerie was waiting for me at the door.

"Still no Kai?"

She shook her head. "I'm sure he knows how to take care of himself."

She had a point, I smiled. "Alright. I know where I want to go today."

Valerie looked a tad surprised. "To drink?"

I nodded. "Come."

She closed the door behind us and walked the streets beside me. It was nice to have a purpose and the cooler air cleared up my head. We walked to a place we both knew very well, even before Amy joined us. It was that one disco where we'd drunk so often. It was almost always busy and no one paid much attention to strangers. Too many students and young people to really notice them.

We split up as soon as we got inside and I walked around to find my own way. There was so many choice tonight. For some reason I felt like I wanted a special girl... Not a boy. My eyes wandered from the boys to the girls until I saw one that really attracted my attention.

She looked very beautiful, so much wiser than the average soul here. Her dark eyes were what fascinated me. Her eyes, that had this mature gaze in them that looked out into the world, met mine. There was a spark.

I wasn't even exactly sure what I liked about her, her dark hair or her slight frame. She had this Asian look about her that made her even more mysterious. Somehow I knew I was supposed to talk to her and seduce her. I would at least try. I wanted to try.

it felt like there was a hunt going on... But I wasn't so sure who was the prey.

"You're very beautiful." I knew if a guy said that it wouldn't work... But maybe from a girl...

"So are you." Her voice was playful, nice.

"Bored by all the immature guys out here?" I hated myself for using such a stupid line.

She laughed. "Quite, but they are not what I'm looking for."

"Am I what you were looking for?"

A smirk. "Perhaps, come, let's talk over there."

We moved to a bench on the side, there was almost no one here even though we got the attention of a lot of guys. Two pretty girls sitting and talking this closely to each other. It felt so easy. She allowed me to touch her, kiss her lips, kiss her neck.

My lips parted, ready to pierce her skin and taste that warm feeling of blood inside of me again.

"Stop." She'd turned around and said it so deliberately. "Now I know you are what I'm looking for. I know what you are."

Surprised I drew back. "Who are you?"

She smiled. "I know Amy and know what she is. I presumed there had to be more. It took me quite a while to find you though."

Now I was even more surprised. She knew Amy? But who was she? I'd never seen her before and Amy never told anything about a girl she met. In fact, she even told me that not many people even knew her before she turned...

She interrupted my thoughts with the answers.

She smiled teasingly. "I'm Anka, Hitori's sister."