Mar 2008

Chapter 160Other Eyes 6 - A New Friend

The girl was surprisingly forward. Her smile and eyes caught hold of me very quickly. She had a way of being there that reminded me of when I first saw Valerie. So she was Hitori's sister and...

It only just occurred to me.

She'd told him? But what were we going to do with this girl, Anka. She was very pretty and intelligent obviously. But what did she want from us? I had to show her to Valerie.

"Come with me." I tried to sound like I was taking charge.

However, I still wanted to feed.

It would have to wait until later. Valerie was somewhere around here, but knowing her she was just looking at me from above somewhere. She tended to be done quicker than I was. But I didn't see her.

We walked around, me holding Anka by her wrist as I dragged her through the crowd. It took me a few moments to find Valerie in another corner, just releasing a boy and looking back up at me. She kissed him goodbye and said something I couldn't hear over the crowd.

She looked at me with a frown as she saw me dragging Anka along.

One word from her. "Outside."

I nodded and we walked outside, the three of us. When I looked back, Anka's neutral expression surprised me. Though she was first just happy to have found us, now she was looking very deliberately at our actions and movements. As if to evaluate our every breath.

She was a lot more intelligent than I gave her credit for initially.

Outside we crossed the street to avoid the groups standing outside. Smoking or talking, we didn't care. Some guys looked at us, but we looked too preoccupied to be disturbed. They left us alone. Anka, her neutral expression still on her face, just waited for us to make the next move.

"Tell me." Valerie's question was aimed at me.

"She's Hitori's sister, and knows about Amy... And noticed what i was doing."

"So you bring her here? If you'd just drank from her, the drowsiness would have caused her to forget or consider it a dream. Why take her with you?" She was angry, I guess rightfully so.

I didn't know how to explain. "Look at her."

Anka smiled kindly. "Maybe because I have been looking for her and others like her that maybe know her."

"That's a dangerous game. What's your name anyway?" Valerie frowned.


"Anka, there are those that don't stop when you ask them to, don't stop when your heart needs them to. Don't play games with our kind, it's not worth it."

She nodded. "It was a risk I had to take. Hitori lost his mind a few weeks ago. He missed Amy a lot and started painting really... strange dreams. Through you I hope to find Amy, ask her to come back to Hitori."

Valerie smiled finally. "I see. So it goes both ways." She took a breath. "Amy is out of town for a while, she needs time for herself, to heal some odd wounds." She frowned a little while looking at Anka. "And... I have a strange feeling you're not just the concerned sister, are you?"

She shook her head, blushing. "I've kissed Amy, it was the most intense kiss of my life."

Now it was Valerie's time to surprise me. I knew she was playful and could be a right-out tease. But never had I seen her like this.

She just smiled and made a quick move to press her lips against Anka's. I could feel her intensity from where I was standing, she was focusing all her being into that kiss. I blinked.

I felt as if I was inside her body, my lips being pressed against Anka's. My tongue tingling with anticipation to touch another, caressing my sharper teeth to tease myself. My whole body becoming more sensitive as I felt her shapes as mine. She pressed herself against Anka with her body, I felt it completely.

My fingers tingled as well, from the touches she did across Anka's back, neck and shoulders. Her tongue, felt as mine, finally touched Anka's lips gently, it brought a shiver through both their bodies. Anka answered. Now I felt their tongues intertwined as their minds echoed. One to the other, reflecting and amplifying.

I knew what this was, but I never felt it done this deliberately. She took Anka's sensations and send them back to her, amplified. But when they were back in Anka, she could take them again and amplify them once again. And again. In no time at all, all sensations were so much more intense.

It was just a kiss, but it was so much more than that. Much more than 'just'.

She released Anka quite suddenly, stepping back as their lips closed.

Anka, completely surprised, raised her hand to her lips. "That... was unreal."

Valerie smiled. "Consider it a gift for a friend of a friend. You know what I'm going to say now, don't you?"

She nodded. "You can't take me with you."

Valerie looked serious. "And please don't try."

I just stood there, completely amazed by Valerie's control in this situation. Anka did surprise me once more.

She stepped to me and gave me a light kiss on my lips. "Please drink, let me feel it."

I glanced at Valerie, who nodded. So this was alright. After a moment's hesitation I held her in my arms and bent my head to her neck, baring my teeth. A heartbeat more and I pierced her skin as gently as I could but letting her feel everything. She winced a little, but I wasn't sure if it was pleasure or pain.

I drank. But instead of sucking it out faster I let it go as slow as her heartbeat would bring it to me. With each heartbeat she'd feel the blood flowing out to me. Then, as the blood started to flow inside of me, my instincts took over. Her blood was like a ruby reflecting the light. Thinner than I'd expected, but with lots of taste. Almost as if little rainbows of taste were hidden within. I started sucking more and more, taking her blood a little faster until I felt myself warm from the inside once more.

I didn't need a warning to stop, but I did so gently, cutting my tongue to allow a drop of my blood to heal her skin. A kiss finally sealed our little agreement.

She touched her neck, standing a little wobbly, and smiled. "Thank you."

She walked away, heading back inside the disco.

What an amazing girl.