Mar 2008

Chapter 161Paths to Mix

I woke up with a strange feeling against my skin. It was a warmth that I'd felt before in Faith's castle. But this time the other skin was rougher somehow. A bit warmer too. It felt really nice.

I realized it was Hitori. He was behind me, holding me closely.

No clothes... For a moment this made me hold my breath. But Hitori's gentle, sleeping breathing made me smile and try to enjoy it. His body felt so different than anything else. No pressure below my shoulders where breasts would otherwise be. And a different pressure below, where there would have been none.

I wiggled against him, mostly in surprise on how he felt.

And his body responded. Slowly I felt a change in the warmth in his body. His heartbeat went up slightly and I could feel a change in pressure below. A very strong blush colored my cheeks as I realized what was happening and almost accidentally I wiggled again.

Causing more warmth there.

Hitori's hands moved as he woke up. "I'm sorry about that." He whispered, only adding to the blush on my cheeks.

But I wanted him to touch me...

Did I?

His arms were very neatly lying on my stomach, but I could feel how my own body was responding to his. Was I ready for this? My whole being was still confused by last night.

Last night.

Quicker than a snowman melting in the summer sun all feelings vanished and left me with the emptiness I felt last night. She was dead, but I didn't even know who she was.

"Come." Said Hitori. "I have an idea."

He released me after a kiss in my neck that made me shiver. I turned around to see him. It wasn't the first time I saw him naked, but it was the first time I openly watched. At least it brought a smile to my face, a warm smile.

Hitori yawned and stretched his arms before getting dressed. "I didn't expect to still be sleeping when you woke up." He was already putting on his pants.

I giggled and sat up on the bed, holding the blankets against my body. "It's alright, you have an idea?"

He finished pulling the long-sleeve over his head and handed me my clean and dry clothing. "I washed them as soon as you were asleep and let them dry. They should smell nice and fresh again." He winked a little.

I blushed. I really needed a way to do things like that properly. "Thank you."

He smiled and turned around to let me dress. It was an unexpected kindness that I valued greatly. He spoke gently. "Yes, I think I know a way for you to have closure."

I frowned. "How?"

He smiled. "First of all, understand you didn't kill her, Amy. You saved her from a death as a prey and instead let her go as a person. Also, a friend of mine works at the police, he'll be able to find out her name and when and where she will be buried."

I blinked. "That... Would be very nice... I would be able to say goodbye."

He nodded. "Of course, you need to describe her to me first."

I'd finished dressing myself, putting on my coat already out of habit. "You can turn around again. Eh.. She was dark blond, no hair colouring. Blue eyes, no glasses. A little older than I, slightly shorter in height. Eh... Oh, pale skin and not very muscular or overweight, but not stick thin either. That's all I know..."

He nodded in thought. "And you called in how long before you got here?"

This was tough, it was so hard to remember how long I had been running, but I could at least make a decent guess. "I suppose around ten minutes."

He smiled. "Alright, so I know the time, the looks and the cause of death. It should be enough. Let's go wake Nuru."

We went into the living room and saw Nuru, all nicely dressed, playing Patience with the cards on the table. She looked up at us and smiled before she went back to the game. Another thought came back at me.

"Why was she sitting in sheets yesterday?"

Hitori smiled. "She had been in bed for an hour or so, sleeping. But a nightmare about blood woke her up. So we played some cards to pass the time. We hadn't been playing long when you came."

I giggled. So simple.

Hitori looked at Nuru. "I'll make us some dinner. Did anything happen while I was asleep?"

She smiled and looked up at us. "Yes, your sister came and is sleeping in my bed now."

Hitori's change in expression was almost fun to see. His surprise never as great as now he just looked at her in disbelief.