Mar 2008

Chapter 162Gifts to Share

Hitori ran to the guest room and opened the door as quickly and quietly as he could. He fell silent as he looked in the room. My curiosity was of course ruling my actions as well. I stepped in behind Hitori and saw Anka in the bed, sleeping peacefully. Hitori closed the door and turned around.

"When did she come back?"

Nuru appeared to think for a moment. "Let's see, you went to bed at around twelve, it was not long after that, maybe an hour She didn't ring the doorbell so I guess you didn't hear her come in. But she was so tired she didn't even ask me why I was there."

Hitori blinked and yawned. Nuru and I both giggled. "Alright, I guess I was quite tired." He conceded.

He stretched again and smiled. "I guess I should make dinner."

Nuru, who hadn't gotten up, continued playing. It was kind of fun to see how she calmly played with the cards. Placing them very neatly in rows and so proper with one card on the other. I'd seen people play patience with cards a few times before, but never this structured. Again it gave me the notion that she was much more intelligent than we gave her credit for.



She looked up. "Yes, Miss... Eh, I mean, yes?

I smiled. "Would you like to visit the Public Library?"

Again it was nice to see her react more like a normal girl instead of a servant or a seer. Her face lit up as if she just got the best present in the world. Her reactions could differ so much, from childish glee to quiet contemplation. It was a lovely sight.

"I-I'd love to! Can I?"

I nodded. "Of course you can, I'll bring back a library card tonight so you can visit it tomorrow."

She looked even happier. "Thank you!"

Of course it meant I had to visit my home... I still hadn't done so because of last night. But I guess it was as good a plan as any. At least it gave me something to do. Hitori was busy cooking and I didn't want to disturb him. Some of my curiosity reached out to Anka. What had happened to her?

I nodded to Nuru, who got back to her game, and walked to the guest room. Silently I opened the door and walked into the room, closing the door behind me. Anka's breathing was calm but on the slow side. She felt very tired... Almost empty.

Step by step I got closer to her, kneeling next to the bed and caressing her hair with my hand. Softly I let my hand slide to her forehead and felt her temperature. She wasn't very warm. Her heartbeat was beating slowly and, I wasn't sure if it was the light, she looked pale.

A strange realization hit me like a brick; It looked like someone had taken some of her blood a day or so ago. I was surprised how much I remembered from my basic biology classes and practical experience. My mind comparing what I'd seen in others before and after I took their blood.

No wounds on her neck that I could see.

And she wasn't dead.

So, someone I knew took her?

Neither Khuna nor Valerie knew of Anka. At least, not that I could remember.

I knew I wouldn't be able to figure that out until I could talk to her. But she really looked like she needed her sleep. I got up slowly and sneaked to the door again. I never noticed her opening her eyes.

"Amy." She spoke with a weak voice. "You're back."

Turning around, I got back to her bed and smiled. "I am. And Hitori is here too."

"I'm glad." She sighed and went back to sleep.

After a soft caress of her hair, I got up and left the room. Hitori looked around, surprised at my return. After a frown he put the fire the stove a little lower and looked at me.

"What's wrong? Is Anka alright?" He was worried.

"She's alright, but someone... a vampire drank some of her blood. But not so much it would be dangerous."

"Do you know who did it?"

"That's the problem." I sighed.

"I don't know..."