Mar 2008

Chapter 187Dangers to Assess

My heart raced, I'd found them. But their heartbeats were so slow and weak! What had happened to them? Part of me wanted to almost tear through the walls and get them, but something in me told me to wait.

Better find out what's going on first.

All kinds of stories flashed through my head, where heroes were dashing to the rescue without thought. And I remembered how angry I was at them and the writers. Of course, yes, if you were in a difficult situation you rush ahead without thinking. But it is only by stupid luck or odd ideas of the writer that it actually works out.

With fondness I recalled the hero of a thousand retreats. It was one of my favorite, if somewhat moth-eaten, character of the many books I read. it felt more fair, even if it wasn't my role to play. I wasn't the one to run first, but neither the one to stay behind. There was always a thought, a path, to my actions that could be easily explained.

But what should I do now? I didn't want to leave them here, but I couldn't easily rescue them either.


With my cheek still against the cold metal I spoke softly. "Both of you?"

The answer from the other side felt as if it took forever. Strained... Weak... "Yes. We can't get out, we haven't fed in days... I think."

Another whisper came from the other side, weaker even. "Dark here, no light, no time."

I recognized it. Valerie had told me about it once and I had experienced it myself as well when I slept underground. The loss of time through absolute darkness and little to no noise. There was no reference point anymore. Even though the body slept in a rhythm of it's own, the mind almost felt separate from the body and didn't have a clock.

A horrible torture if you didn't choose to be there.

And being without blood wasn't good for either of them. I'd never been with blood long enough to really feel the pull of the thirst, except for the first night, so I could only imagine how horrible it must be for them.

For her...

I whispered against the metal. "How is Khuna?"

The response took an eternity, reflected in a few seconds. "Bad, she needs blood."

It was to be expected, Khuna wasn't as old as Valerie and didn't have the advantage I had, but how was Valerie holding up. "And you?"

The answer came faster this time. "I... can manage. But... She will lose control."

Valerie was more worried about Khuna than herself, which made sense. As long as she could keep sane she wasn't in much danger. She had much more experience in being, staying, alive and never seemed to worry herself much with dangers.

But what could I do...

"I will find a way to free you both."

I could only imagine her weary smile as she answered. "Thank you."

I was about to stand up again when more words came. "Amy... Hurry..."

A sigh escaped my lips. So time was running out. Leaning down I answered softly before I stood up again. "I will."

This all had only taken a few minutes and no one had seen or heard me...

I hoped...

Here on the ground I took my time to look around for any entrances to the basement. It was kind of difficult that I couldn't venture to the front of the mansion, but there weren't any entrances there either, from memory. A careful sweep of the grounds confirmed my horrible suspicion.

I'd have to go inside.