Mar 2008

Chapter 188Surprise to Spread

The silence fell like a soft blanket on my movements. With no more than a breath of noise I was floating up in the air again, unsure of how to proceed next. I couldn't wait much longer, but I couldn't barge in either. Part of me warned me that Jason had managed to trap two already and would maybe have some more tricks to trap a third.


The trap was probably set up very specific before and he might not be expecting any more visitors. The 'security' didn't seem that tight after all. I wondered...

Softly I hovered up, letting my eyes once again wander over the back. So many details to take in, each one a potential entrance, none of them an actual entrance. There were no open windows or other sneaky convenient entrances. The thing I did notice was the cameras, or rather the lack of them. It would make my entry a lot easier.

Of course I wouldn't be able to predict any cameras inside the mansion.

In the meantime I was rising to the roof, to have a proper vantage point from which to make a plan. At least there I would have peace and safety, no one would ever think of looking up here without leads to my presence.

My options:

No open windows, no openings on the roof. So no easy hidden entry.

The back door wasn't an option, it was connected to the kitchen and the man in there would see me, or the door, within seconds.

The front door was even worse, in full view of the house, well lit and probably in view of the cleaners as soon as I was inside. Not good.

There was no way I could just walk in, I'd have to be invisible to pull off something like that.

That was an idea though...

From somewhere came the knowledge that it would be theoretically possible to shield your presence from someone, using your mental powers to block your existence from their thoughts. Of course in the books I read this they had trained many years before even succeeding in causing forgetfulness. But that wasn't a good idea...

Invisible through speed?

I knew I could move fast, but was I fast enough? And even then, the commotion would maybe help me to free Khuna and Valerie, but would ruin any chance I had at discovering the reasons behind all this. I really wanted to solve the whole mystery behind this, to feel peace once more.

Listen to me, thinking in circles. As if I was throwing myself at the ground and missing. If the worst came to pass, I could just go in by force and pull them out... Unless the room they were in wasn't blocked by a metal door at least as strong as the window.

Too little information!

There had to be a way to get more information about this place. Not just the layout of the rooms, but the security present and the state of the room Valerie and Khuna were in.

What to do, what to do?

Hold on...

The gate was opening and a car was pulling in, a beautiful black, expensive looking car. It calmly rode up the driveway and stopped in front of the mansion. I was just in time to see the man who was previously in the kitchen, open the door and wait patiently while the car stopped and someone got out.

This was impossible.

The woman stepped out of the car and up to the man, her step was angry. It kind of brought a smile to my face. "I want to see him, now."

The butler, as I understood him to be, replied calmly. "Sir is expecting you, Madam. If you would come this way."

The woman let herself be led into the house and probably up to the master of this house, Jason. Even though she was gone from my sight I was still staring down at the area she stood.

I just couldn't get over who I had just seen, it was so unbelievable that my mind had serious trouble putting it into perspective. Why was she here? How did she even know of this place? Was this going to make things difficult?

But I saw her, clear as day.

My mother.