Chapter 200Silent Noise

Drops of water.

Many drops of water fell from the sky.

Fell on her face, her saddened face.

Washing away the traces of tears and blood, cleaning it. But it didn't matter. Inside is where the true horror was. Images she would probably never forget, sights her mind would recall and let her remember. But what would they remember? What parts would etch themselves in her mind?

It wouldn't be the blood. She'd seen blood before and it was never really scary. It's deep red color sometimes overwhelming and intense, but natural. This was a lot more than she'd ever seen. And she could tell it wasn't right. They'd painted two of the rooms in her house with blood. As if they smeared it against the walls when...

Perhaps it was the ravage. So strange how most of her home had stayed intact. Just two rooms, almost everything broken, floor scratched and wallpaper torn. Wires dangling loose in the dark as the lights were all broken. So little appeared to be kept whole, save for one picture. Even though the frame was broken, the picture itself had been fine. Showing a picture from before she, her sister, was gone.

But it wasn't that.

Secretly she knew it was the remains that had shocked her. Bodies torn to pieces like a doll in a blender, there was barely enough left to recognize those she loved, despite the mistakes they have made before.

First her tears came because of sadness, that she hand't really been able to tell them. Tell them she loved them a lot. Even if they'd tried to keep her safe before, their intentions were good. Her mind was just running circles around what she saw. But what she couldn't understand was why not her...

It wasn't that she wanted to be dead though, not anymore.

But why had they done this, but not to her.

Had she slept through all of this?

She knew it wasn't normal. The way her parents had been murdered was nothing a man could ever do. She'd seen no sharp lines on their bodies, clothes were torn like their limbs. The thing, person, that killed them had been strong, really strong. Their neck had been bitten through, as well as their wrists, ankles and many other strange bite marks all over their body.

Almost like an animal.

Though she wondered... Why only two rooms?

Was one made to watch while it tore up the other? She just couldn't get her mind around it.

First her sister, now her parents. And no one looked for them.

In her mind she had only one person to look for, not the police, not the people she used to know, only the girl who had saved her from her tears. The girl that had told her the story so her mind would be at ease. Somehow she knew that it was possible, that she could make her come.

So silently, she screamed.

Without any sound, she screamed.

It was pure instinct. She knew she could do it, so she did. A sort of mental scream, calling out for the one she needed. Keeping it up far longer than anyone might have suspected off her. She wasn't sure where the knowledge came from but her convictions could have moved rocks, mountains. Somehow she knew it would only be until the evening.

Then she would come.

The screams continued.

Outside, with the drops falling on her face she felt herself rise to the clouds, looking out over the whole city. Somewhere down there was the one person she was looking for, that would protect her. Images of each and every drop, falling from high onto the ground, flashed through her mind as if she was riding on them herself.

She felt the air pass by her face.

Part of her wished the water would come into her house and clean it all. Make the blood wash off the walls as it did her face, clean the floors of skin, bone and flesh. Make her house empty as well as her memories.

Like a goddess she rode the clouds, looked from every drop, travelling to the ground a million times. She touched the streets, the houses and the people with gentle splashes. Every impact an echo to her scream. She knew she'd find her.

She was everywhere.

She was the rain.