Chapter 201Remnant of Sound

The veils of slumber pulled back as I woke up. Just a moment I was confused by the feel of naked bodies around me. Then came back the memories, the amazing moment I shared with the both of them. But something was wrong. Something was nagging at me.

What was it?

I had dreamed...

It was the first time in over two months that I not only knew I'd dreamed but that I could feel it. Just beyond my grasp, but there. Something was out there in my mind that knew what happened to night.

It had rained...


She screamed for me, I knew she was. Like lightning all over the sky, striking down into me. Something very bad had happened. But where did she have the strength to call out for me like that? It was quite impressive really.

With a blush on my cheeks I stepped out of bed, looking back at my friends... lovers I suppose... I still felt a bit uncomfortable by their nudity but, to be honest, a lot less than it did before. It was Khuna who moved first of the two. She usually woke a little bit later than I, of course I might have woken her by moving away.

"Good evening, Amy." She spoke with a sleepy smile. "Did you sleep well."

I wasn't sure how to explain why I had to go, but I started dressing myself. "I have to go."

Khuna frowned. "It's not because of last night, is it?"

I shook my head. "No, it's someone else, a girl is in need."

She smiled. "Not satisfied by the both of us?"

She made me blush and pull my shirt over my head to hide it. "It's not that kind of girl. She's only fourteen or fifteen or something and I've helped her before. She screamed at me in my dreams."

Khuna suddenly sat up in bed. "In your dreams?!?"

I nodded. "Yes, and stranger still, I remember."

Pulling on my coat I was done dressing myself. Khuna waited in bed for a thoughtful moment before she got out and gave me a quick hug, giving me an even larger blush. My eyes definitely weren't trying to look at her body. I gave her a quick hug back and got out of the room.

Anka, Valerie and Nuru weren't up yet or, in any case, weren't in the living room. It was better this way, I had to rush as I was sure something terrible had happened. I did stop to listen for a moment and heard some giggling from the guest room. I wondered if they were gossiping.

I didn't stay to listen.

The front door kept silent as I opened and closed it gently. The streets were busy with people in this early evening, but I didn't have the time. I dived into an alley and floated up. I knew it was dangerous but I hoped I did it quickly enough for people who possibly saw me just think they imagined it.

The city rushed past as I moved to Rain's house. It was a bit difficult to find to be honest, but the closer I got, the more I heard the screams in my mind. But she was like a beacon, so bright it was hard to tell where it was. From the graveyard I worked my way to her house, following the way we had walked before. No life visible inside though. The neighbours were simply watching television, unaware of the scream that echoed in my mind.

Where was she? The house itself was unlit and the curtains closed. Something strange was going on but I couldn't quite put my finger on it as long as the scream endured. I found her, as I flew over to the other side of the house. She was in the small backyard, knelt on the grass. She screamed wordlessly, her mental voice echoing in my mind. It wasn't even discernible what she said, but I knew it was there. Had she been sitting here all day?

Of course it was a bit of a problem that I was hovering above her now. She hadn't seen me yet but it didn't feel like a good idea to show her I could fly. There was a simple solution, risky but simple.

With hardly a noise, I touched down on the grass behind her. She wasn't facing the house but I presumed her eyes had been closed anyway. When my body released itself to gravity again I spoke. "I'm here."

The screaming stopped immediately, leaving echoes that died away slowly. Rain turned around and stood in front of me, silent as a ghost. There was a dangerous smell on her. Blood. "Rain, what happened?"

She looked up at me, unable to speak. She looked past me, at the house, and took my hand, dragging me into the living-room through the kitchen. What I saw there disgusted me. Now I saw why she had screamed all day, reaching out for anyone who'd understand. Why had no one else heard her? Seen her? How had she stayed hidden from the world.

Perhaps it was better this way, no one else having to be a witness to this horror. But all these thoughts were simply in the background as my hunger flared, sight smell and taste into overdrive.

There was blood everywhere...