Chapter 205Sparkle of Revelation

Rain looked up at me and noticed my confused expression. She smiled happily, trusting my judgement and gave Hitori a hand. Something told me what had just happened was a clue into the real reason why she hadn't been slain. Not that I wanted her to be, but I did want to find out what happened and why.

Hitori gave Rain a hand and looked up at me as well. "Care to explain?"

I looked up at his apartment. "Are they all upstairs?"

He nodded. "Yeah, but Anka is getting ready to leave."

I frowned. "Anka? Why?"

He smiled. "She doesn't want to, but she has to get back to school and stuff. She's been here almost two months and her 8 week holiday is over. She never intended to stay this long initially."

It sounded weird. Anka had been far too preoccupied with the whole vampire thing to just let this go. And she didn't feel like someone who'd stick to the rules if it went against her own mind. What was I missing here?

I mentally scolded myself for being so paranoid. It was probably nothing.

"Oh." I wasn't sure what to say. "Eh, do the others know?"

He smiled. "Yeah, she told us all just now."

So much to take in all at once. "Eh, Rain. You don't happen to know somewhere she could stay?"

He looked at me for the longest time, thinking deeply. Seconds passed as so many thoughts must have gone through him. Trying to judge it all. I'd never seen him this thoughtful but then again, never had I asked him to decide over a life. He looked at Rain and back at me, sighed deeply and then gave his answer.


It surprised me. "Why?"

He took a deep breath. "If I judge what happened to her parents correctly, few people would be safe around her. She would only be safe with those stronger than her attackers. And no one I know would come even close. I'm sorry, I just can't risk it, for their and for her sake."

He had a point. So there was only one option. "Then I'm going back to him."

He smiled tiredly. "Afentis?"

I nodded. "Afentis."

Rain looked up innocently. "Amy?"

I smiled. "Yes?"

Rain put her hand in mine. "It's alright, I know you're trying but I don't want anything to happen to people."

"I know. I hate to admit it, but Hitori's got me this time." This caused Rain to giggle and me to blush.


He nodded. "Nuru will want to go with you and I'll ask Anka to come down to say goodbye?"

I smiled. "Yes, and call a taxi for us. Also, if you happen to know the address of the castle, all the better."

He winked. "Will do." And headed upstairs. Rain looked at me expectantly and I guess it was time for me to do some explaining. But I wasn't going to tell her about the vampire bit. If I was able to hide that from her all the better. The less she knew, the safer she would be. Afentis was sure to be able to protect her.

Why did I still have this nagging feeling I was missing something vital?

"We're going to a friend of mine, he's very strong and no one could do to him what they did to your parents."

She nodded in understanding. "Okay. Eh... Thanks, Amy."

I smiled. "It's alright."

Anka and Nuru came outside and looked at me in surprise. Anka spoke first. "You're going away again?"

I smiled "Only to make sure someone is safe."

Anka smiled, a mischievous glance in there as well. "I'm sure we'll see each other again soon. Did Hitori tell you I'm going home?"

I nodded. "Will you be alright?"

She shrugged. "I've got all I need all packed and ready." She gave me a quick hug and a quick kiss on my lips, surprising me intensely and causing a distinct blush on my cheeks. "See you later, Amy. Have fun!"

She went back inside, never even saying hello to Rain. Of course her little kiss had thrown me off enough to barely spend a thought on that. Nuru had, like always, just waited on the background for a moment. She appeared to ignore Rain as well. Something was definitely going on. Rain just looked at her with the curiosity that some people still have with seeing people this dark.

Of course Nuru was wearing a really nice autumn dress again. "Rain, meet Nuru."

Something changed, even though no one moved. Nuru looked at Rain with surprise and then at me. She looked back at Rain and appeared to think really fast. She finally looked me in the eyes and spoke softly, her voice mixed with awe and traces of fear.

"She can hide."