Chapter 206Inkling of Sight

It must have been the first time I'd heard her speak anything so seriously. Even stranger, I suppose it was the first time where she knew more, not because of what she'd learned while being free but because of what she'd learned before. And it definitely didn't sound good.

Rain looked at Nuru with a sort of guilty look in her eyes. She, apparently, knew what Nuru meant.

I had a feeling should know it too, but I wasn't sure. "How do you mean, hide?"

Nuru looked slightly worried. "It's a rare skill that I heard some children in the orphanage have. Hiding means you can kind of erase yourself from the perception of those around you. I've only met one girl with the skill, but she was downright scary."

Something nagged at my brain. "What was the girls name?"

Nuru thought for a moment. "Isabel, I think."

She knew Isabel?

With effort I managed to drag my thoughts back to the more prominent issue at hand. I hoped I would remember to ask Nuru about Isabel soon, but Rain was more important right now.

"Rain, did you know this?"

She still looked guilty. "About the hiding thing?" She blushed a little. "I guess... I know it's easy to be left alone, but I've never really thought about it that much."

My eyes blinked a few times. Was she telling me she could make people think she wasn't there? Hitori's surprise and the fact that Anka didn't even appear to see her did give me some clues. But I wondered if she did it on purpose or if she was still very nervous and held-back because of everything that happened at home. They only appeared to see her when she presented herself.

"Can you show me?"

Rain fidgeted with her shirt. "Eh.. I'm not sure."

Nuru smiled and whispered something in Rain's ear. Then she looked up in surprise at something behind me. In pure reflex I turned around and took a moment to glance at the empty street behind us. There was no one there, did Nuru do it on purpose?

I turned back.

Rain was gone. My eyes, acting on their own, darted around to the open door and the street. But she wasn't there, I hadn't heard any footsteps so she couldn't have moved much. Was she still there? It was very strange, part of my mind told me she was still there, but I wasn't sure. And because I wasn't sure, my eyes couldn't see her.

The strangest thing was that I didn't even feel Rain's presence in my mind.

"I'm here." Rain spoke in the softest voice and appeared... well, not really appeared. She'd been standing in front of me all this time, I just overlooked her like one might overlook something you were searching for all this time. Often the things you seek are right in front of you...

"Wh.. What did you tell her?" I looked at Nuru.

She smiled. "Oh, just to hide from you when your attention was distracted for a moment. Hiding is impossible when someone is looking. Though she might be able to, with practice."

I smiled at Rain, who looked up at me with pride. "Alright, that can be very useful."

A car appeared at the end of the street, with a taxi sign on the roof. It can't have been more than ten, fifteen minutes since Hitori called. But there was no one else here. I wondered briefly why it was always so quiet here. Then again, the flashing of TV-screens was visible in most of the windows. It was a standard yellow-cab. Much less luxurious than the one that brought us here. Of course this one was just ordered normally.

As it came closer though it didn't look all that bad. The inside was clean at least and the driver did have a shave this morning and looked decently dressed. Hitori'd come down to say goodbye and gave Nuru a quick hug, Rain a peck on her cheek and me a longer hug, kissing my lips gently but swiftly.

"I hope nothing else will go wrong."

I grinned. "Don't say that, nothing ever goes my way completely. Saying stuff like that will only make it worse."

Hitori smiled and held the door to the taxi open for me. "I couldn't find the address but I know it's on the north edge of town. If you go there, do you think you'll be able to find it?"

I nodded. "I'll be alright."

Rain and Nuru got in as well from the other side, there was enough space for the three of us. "We shouldn't stay away long."

Hitori closed the door and waved. "Don't tease them too much!" Winking before the taxi started driving off.

Inside the taxi did smell a bit funky, but it wasn't so strong as to be annoying. Just the random smells of people... Although it did seem as if this one was recently cleaned. Rain and Nuru looked out of the window together, both of them just playfully looking at the lights, the people, the sights. I hoped it wouldn't take us too long to get to the castle. It had been a strange enough night and I wanted Rain to be absolutely safe.

Of course Anka leaving wasn't very fun either, though it could help get some peace into my life as well. Her fascination with vampires still worried me. Perhaps she would grow out of it over time. Still... she left a little bit too easily. Was she planning something?

Was Valerie going with her or something?

I glanced out of the window, I knew this part of town. This was close to where... Hold on, this was the street where we used to stay. Why was the taxi driving here, it should have gone the other direction almost entirely.

I knocked on the dividing window. "Where are we going?"

The taxi driver didn't look around, but replied calmly. "Oh, there are people would like to ask you some questions."

Like a sledgehammer on my mind I remembered. The trucks, the people below us. Were they from the government? Police?

Why did they want us?