Chapter 209Measure of Speed

The man didn't really add anything to his story, just some details I already knew. The footsteps and some details on the bruises on Rain's parents. He never asked about Rain, not once, and I tried not to bring it up.

He did arrange for Rain and Nuru to have some water before we got back to the taxi again. Only it wasn't a taxi anymore. Instead of the yellow cab there was a really nice sport scar outside.

The driver was still the same though, he let me in the passenger seat with a wink and revved the engine one. To be honest, I've never really been interested in sport scars or anything usually. But sitting in one was a whole different matter. As the engine noise flared up, I could feel the whole car vibrate like a soundboard. It felt exciting.

It surprised me there was a backseat for Nuru and Rain to sit in, but they looked as excited as I did. With a smile the driver rode us out of the street, heading for the castle.

He used the scenic route.

Avoiding any major roads he was able to keep up his speed most of the time. Not many other cars at this time of the evening and cars usually tended to concentrate around the center and the major roads.

Going past at blazing speeds in a car that felt so comfortable the speed was something that happened in another world was surreal. Flying felt totally different. Even though I wasn't able to tell if this was faster or slower than flying (flying always felt deceptively slow while you made really good time), it was fun driving around the roads at these speeds.

The man driving appeared to enjoy himself a lot as well.

He dropped us at the castle, waving goodbye but not saying a word. He drove off in a slightly gentler pace than he arrived, though it definitely looked like he was enjoying the car.

Afentis wasn't outside.

It wouldn't have been possible for either of them to miss the loud and obvious car stopping outside. And in a way I was sure they heard me, Rain and Nuru as well. No matter. We walked to the front door and knocked.

It took quite a while before Afentis finally opened it. Wasn't Faith home? Afentis looked surprised to see me and even more surprised when he saw Rain and Nuru behind me. He opened the door completely and frowned in thought for a moment until he spoke.

His words surprised me.

"This isn't the best of times."

The way he said it immediately made me think of... "Faith?"

He nodded. "She really isn't well. But I'm sure you're here for a very important reason as well?"

"Well, the short story is that when I got back into town, her sister", pointing at Rain, "was attacked by one of Kryss' former group. I chased him away but it looked like he brought friends to kill her parents, horribly."

Afentis paused for a moment and then nodded. "Protection. Alright, let's go in, but I need you to see Faith."

I nodded while he let us in and we walked through the hallway. "Where is she?"

He smiled strangely. "In that room with all the books."

I frowned. "My room?"

"The one you slept in, yes."

Nuru spoke softly. "Is Lady Faith in trouble?"

Afentis nodded as he opened up the door to the living room. "Yes, Nuru. But I'm sure your presence here will help her."

Rain looked around with large, curious eyes. She looked like she just stepped into a fairy tale and missed the moment it happened. Kind of like how I felt the times I went to my grandmother's house I guess. She sat on the sofa and looked up at us expectantly.

Afentis smiled. "Nuru, can you make some tea? I'll stay here while Amy goes to check on Faith."

Nuru nodded proudly. "Of course."

As I walked to the door I turned around to Afentis. "Thank you."

He smiled and nodded. "Just go see her, you'll see what I mean."

Of course I wondered what he meant, but there wasn't a clue until I found out myself. When I got to the door itself it was quiet inside. Afentis has spoken of something like insanity before. At least it didn't sound violent.

With my hand on the doorknob, I hesitated.

What would I find inside?