Chapter 210One of Nine - Running

We were done with the mother, the four of us standing back casually and starting to look around. From what I'd heard, there had been another daughter. But we weren't sure if we had killed her before or not, it wasn't like we kept a list. No matter, she was either here or dead already.

I looked around to the ravaged bedroom.

Kryss would have been proud.

Kryss... That weakling.

I got back to the task at hand. We spread out through the house and checked all the rooms for life. All this smell of blood was making me hungry. Still hungry.

Hunger unfulfilled.

The house was silent as the grave now, the others sneaking as silently as myself. It was better this way. My footsteps let me soundlessly to one of the girl's bedrooms. It was a very varied room, with a dream catcher, books and lots of girl stuff. It wasn't important, there was no one here.

I wasn't sure there wasn't. I looked again but I really couldn't see or hear anyone. Hesitantly I took one more step in the room but regained my resolve. Turning around I went out of the room and saw one of the others, he looked at me expectantly if I'd found someone. I shook my head, heading downstairs with him right behind me. The two others stood at the front door, waiting for us, with the same hunger as me. No chance today though.

The one behind me closed the front door silently. It wasn't our style to be this discreet, it made me feel very uneasy. The annoying feeling in your head if you haven't done a job right. I shrugged. The roofs called me again, I answered by climbing the wall in front of me. It always felt good to do so, my hands grabbing anything they could find to pull myself up. It was like being a strong, agile animal.

And up top we changed from a climb to a run, laughing in the empty space around us. From high to low and back to high again. The houses here were easy enough to run over, either flat roofs or gentle slopes. It was fun to jump over the spaces between the houses here. With enough speed we could clear streets with a little effort.

We didn't have long to play.

The sky was warning us, time to get back to our shelter. Of course having a reason to race made it all the more fun. Even at this hour we could hear some people and cars below. They had no idea who was running up here. Cattle. It was tempting to stay outside, hunt, drink a little more before we went back but there simply wasn't the time.

No one of us was crazy enough to do it though.

You didn't get the chance to make that mistake twice.

The sun was unforgiving.

The rooftops passed below us as easily as the road below the wheels of a fast car. It didn't even take us that long to reach the building near the train yard, where the others would be waiting. They'd made a fire, again, that shone into the night for those high enough to see.

Its audacity made me smile.

We all jumped, almost perfectly choreographed, into the surrounding yard of the next building, hardly making a noise. We headed through the side door and walked to the fire inside. Everyone was here, looking all nice and fed, the bastards! We did all the work, they had all the fun. My fists clenched.

One asked. "Did you do it?"

"Yeah, we did it. She'll come looking for us soon enough."

One smiled. "She'll never expect us."

Another nodded. "We'll be ready."