Chapter 215Kindling of Flame

Both of them stopped in their step and just looked at me. Both of them with wide open eyes, shock displayed clearly on their faces. I turned around and stood in front of them, knowing that my decision hadn't come lightly nor would it be easily explained.

Valerie dared to speak first. "I can't believe you're saying this, Amy."

I sighed. "We have to. All they do is kill and all that can stop them is us. They kill too obscurely for the police ever to find out, even though they're on their trail."

Khuna just looked at me like a cow looks at an oncoming train and stayed silent. Valerie however picked up on the part I had completely neglected to tell.

"Amy... What do you mean they're on their trail?"

"Eh... I forgot to tell you. When I brought Rain and Nuru away, the taxi didn't take us there straight away..."

Valerie spoke softly. "Where did they take you?"

"Eh..." Something in my eyes gave it away.


I nodded.

Khuna just looked at Valerie. "She doesn't mean below our house, with the trucks?"

Valerie and I both nodded. I guess I had to continue. "Because I made the phone calls and everything they took us both in to ask questions. But the guy was real kind and let us go after he verified some things. They never really intended to do me any harm."

Both of them looked worried. "What did you tell about us?"

I shook my head. "Nothing. There was something weird going on though. I had the feeling the detective that asked me questions was considering people with inhuman strength. He did help me to verify my ideas though."

Khuna just stayed silent. Valerie shook her head to get rid of the whole police problem and get back to the more important matter at hand. "Okay okay. So they are looking but will be quite useless for now. Are you serious about wanting to kill them?"

I nodded very slowly. "They don't do anything but kill. I've seen what they did to Rain's sister and parents. It's not about revenge, but I just can't live with the guilt I let that kind of horror exist without at least trying to fix it."

Valerie looked at me very seriously. "Amy, you do know that it will cost you. You can't just fix this without killing them and bearing a very heavy burden on your shoulders for the rest of your existence."

I nodded gently. "It would be much better than knowing I let them do what they desired, after I cut them loose. Also... There's something else."

Valerie frowned. "What?"

I sighed. "Well... I don't think they believed Kryss was dead, until that one of them fought with me when I saved her sister. So they'll grow more aggressive just to taunt us and revenge their former leader. They know he must be dead, as they saw me still living."

Khuna wanted to speak but Valerie stopped her. "She's right."

Khuna closed her mouth and nodded. "I know... We should have done this before, but Kryss was always too strong..."

Valerie put her hand on Khuna's shoulder. "Amy knows. But don't feel guilty. We now can do something about it, and we will. I just wonder what Amy had in mind?" She looked at me questioningly.

I smiled a little. "I've had all kinds of horrible ideas. But there are only two ways that would feel right somehow. Also, it'd be the only two ways that are sure to work."

Khuna looked up at me. "Sun and fire?"

I nodded. "I can't think of any other way."

Valerie stepped forward and smiled bravely. "I don't like it, but I'm with you. We can't let it happen more."

Khuna wanted to turn around, Kryss still weighing somewhat in her mind. I had no idea if he'd hurt her often. A strange thought made me wonder if they had known each other from before they were turned...

She suddenly looked at both of us, almost with a snap. "You're right. They've done this for so long with us just hiding away. We let them kill all those people."

"I'm with you."