Chapter 216Piece of Skin

I smiled to both of them. It took them a while to agree with me, which wasn't surprising as it was not only dangerous but quite radical as well. It was easily forgiven. The more difficult part now was to make a plan. There were ideas floating in my head, but it wouldn't be easy. It was a shame that we didn't have Kai to find a building for us we could safely set to flames.

"Thank you, both of you. There is a lot to be done and I doubt we'll be able to do everything tonight. But... I think I have an idea."

A strange one just entered my head. It wasn't very dangerous, which was preferable, but it did help us keep control of the situation.

Both of them looked interested. "Like?"

"Well... I was thinking we should try and face them... and lose."

Valerie frowned. "You mean like, fight a little and run away as if they defeat us?"

I nodded. "Yeah, the only way we can have them do what we want, is if they're sure they've got control. Their testosterone rules their existence, it's the best weapon we have."

Valerie suddenly grinned very evilly.

Khuna looked at her with a mixed look of surprise and worry. "Valerie, no! You're not going to do that..."

Valerie stuck out her tongue. "Why not? I like to do it!"

Khuna looked down. "But it's dangerous."

I looked from one of the other. "Tell me?"

Valerie smiled broadly. "I'm kind of an exhibitionist, quite a bit actually. That's why I usually wear dresses like this."

It really surprised me, the dress she was wearing wasn't exactly skimpy. Of course it was quite figure hugging, showing off her more mature body very properly. Though, now that I thought about it, this attracted much more right attention than wearing an open shirt and no bra. The way Valerie dressed was sexy without being vulgar. And though she mostly behaves in a more motherly role, she did show many signs of wanting to show herself to others.

I didn't realize I blushed. "And what are you planning to do with that?"

Valerie smiled, more so because of my blush. "Well, I've done it once before, getting them to chase me by dressing, well slutty. And behaving like a true victim. It was a weird situation though."

It was dangerous, but I giggled at the image. "Okay, it's something we can use. But we can't be too obvious. I was thinking of the three of us being defeated because they outnumber us or something. We'll give chase and escape in the park the way I did before or go to a safe-house."

Valerie frowned. "While I think I see your plan, it's a bad idea. They won't believe it really. If we want a proper plan, we should try and find them first. We've still got enough time tonight to find them after we've fed. But the night will last short enough to avoid them following us for too long and having no shelter."

She had a point. Back to the mental drawing board I suppose. It was so difficult trying to predict what they would do. They did have a sort of honor going on between them. But it wasn't based on fairness, more like the jocks of high school in overdrive. The more aggressive, the higher in their food-chain.

It was so hard to know what they were thinking, so difficult to anticipate their moves.

Khuna spoke softly. "Let's get some blood first."

I nodded. "Yes, let's go."

Valerie smiled. The three of us walked close together, like a group of friends wreaking havoc on town. Perhaps we were, in a way. We chose the disco with all the young people again and went inside easily. There wasn't a long line anymore as everyone was already inside. We spread out, looking for our culinary desires.


I closed my eyes while the others walked into the crowd. I had to stop thinking like them. I was in their head too much, trying to predict everything. And it was affecting my thoughts. With a deep breath I tried to relax, the loud music passing me by like a breeze, the many voices unimportant. After a few breaths a pool of silence grew in my mind, filling and filling slowly until my head was quiet again.

An island of silence in a din of noise.

Then someone kissed me...