Chapter 217Wisp of Blood

It took me a few moments to realise someone had their lips on mine. It was a soft, gentle kiss, apparently so subtle I didn't even notice for seconds. The lips were warm and thin, it made me wonder if it was a boy or even a girl that kissed me. It surprised me so much.

It was a rather nice kiss, actually.

I opened my eyes.

The girl in front of me looked at me with a smile. Her straight black hair was a little unkempt but it surrounded her pale face nicely. Her eyes were most surprising, in this light it was almost impossible to discern their color. Where they dark green? Blue? Brown even? As if all colors silently hid inside her eyes, betraying some of the depth that laid beneath.

She kissed me again.

In pure reflex I closed my eyes and let it happen. Why was I even letting this perfect stranger kiss me like that. The kiss became a little more intense as well. It was just our lips touching, but somehow it felt deeper. Her hands touched my shoulders lightly, almost giving me a shock of surprise and sweet sensations. Her hands came to a rest, spreading warmth through my body.

After everything that happened to me, it was a very welcome gesture.

The kiss stopped, I opened my eyes again. "Why?"

It was the only thing I could say.

The girl smiled. "Because you needed it. Come."

She took my hand and let me to a corner of the disco. It was a long sofa built into the wall. The lights were a lot dimmer here but there weren't many people sitting there. Not many couples either. It surprised me as it was a perfect corner to make out, probably. I blushed with the realization.

We sat down next to each other and I just looked at her, unsure of what to do. Well, I knew what my body wanted to do, but my head had been so confused a moment ago and her actions had completely derailed me.

And I liked it.

She caressed my neck, sending shivers through my body, and kissed me again. Her lips touched mine gentle, opened slow to let her tongue through and touch my hyper-sensitive lips. Her tongue darted around my lips, causing me to open my mouth automatically and allow her tongue to play with mine. Why did I do this? Why did it feel so natural.

I let her kiss me so much deeper and more intense than anyone I usually met here. But the way she took charge just allowed me to let go. The inner peace I felt before her kiss wasn't gone, just mixed up around my body. I couldn't keep hold of most thoughts and just let it happen.

Just let her happen.

Her tongue swirled around in my mouth, her fingers in my neck teasing me gently.

Her lips released mine and kissed my cheek, I just sat still as her lips slowly went to my neck and were gently replaced by her teeth biting my skin very gently, her fingers caressing my back.

The irony of her gentle bites was lost on me then. I just leaned forward automatically and put my lips in her neck. There wasn't even a kiss, but I pierced her skin more slowly and more gentle than I had ever done before. I couldn't be sure what she felt, but she shivered as my teeth pierced her skin, a shiver that flowed all through her body and into mine thanks to her teeth on my neck. Quite a unique feeling.

Her blood flowed into me. It felt like an eternity since I last drank it. It was sweet and filled with feelings that made my cheeks blush. All my body started to tingle as the blood shared her intense physical feelings with mine. She was still connected to my neck as I was to her and she continued to semi-kiss me. All on automatic.

It wasn't the most intense or erotic moment I'd ever felt. But there was something about this girl that would stay with me always. She'd seen right through my head and kissed me without asking, without needing permission.

I took a little less than I usually would, keeping her more alert though the loss of blood was making her slower and sleepy. She kissed my neck again and moved up to look at me. There was a little surprise and awe in her strange-colored eyes. But no fear.

This time I gave her a kiss, it was to be goodbye, perhaps even farewell.

She looked at me after the kiss as if she wanted to say something but thought the better of it. No words could possibly describe what we just felt accurately. IT was a loss that we took in grace with the moment itself.

It just was.

Valerie and Khuna weren't near when I got up and walked to the exit. They hadn't been waiting for me inside and just let me be. I was thankful for that. My head was clearer now and the girl had played a large part in that. I was grateful.

I was ready for the hunt.