Chapter 223Measure of Consciousness

Valerie and Khuna both looked at me in surprise. They'd seen that kind of fire in my eyes before. With Rain's hiding and my own telepathy, I'd thought of an idea. Though I wouldn't even know where to begin to erase my presence out of the minds of others, I would know how to put something in them.

Time to test it.

Both of them wanted to speak at once. "What did you think of?" "What are you talking about?"

I started to concentrate, I could just imagine how this needed to be done. "Alright, just look at me."

This would be tough and drain me a lot. I could do it, but only if I was feeling really fit, like now. I concentrated on how they saw me standing where I stood now. It was like vividly dreaming what they were seeing. Then I moved but I kept that imagine intact. They didn't see the move, they kept seeing the image.

This was working, their eyes weren't following me.

A few steps more and I would be standing right behind them, while they still had the impression I was a few steps ahead. All they would see when the image would fade, was a jerrycan, standing on the curb by itself.

Walking and doing this at the same time was a wonderful feeling. But it was tough as well, hard to describe. But I would try. It was like walking underwater, it was very tiring and heavy, but it could be done if you moved just the right way.

I stood right behind and leaned between them before I whispered. "I'm here."

As I broke the spell they suddenly looked around until they saw me right between them. The look of surprise on their faces was priceless. I simply grinned as they looked from the standing jerrycan to me and back. They couldn't believe what I just did.

"How did you?" Valerie began.

"You didn't move fast, didn't you?" Asked Khuna.

I shook my head. "No, I kept an image of myself in your heads."

Khuna looked in awe. "You can do that?"

"Yes, I c... ugh..." My vision faded, but more slowly than before. I felt myself hit the street and caught by, who I thought to be, Valerie. A moment later I heard another Jerrycan hit the street as another pair of hands held me.

I could hear their voices, but they were far away. My body felt as if I was just sleeping, or about to sleep. I wasn't exactly unconscious, but I just didn't feel like moving. Or maybe a little.

They dragged me forwards, back to the target, Khuna apparently carrying two cans and Valerie one. Valerie was leading me forward and my body was, I think, walking a little on it's own. It was weird, I wasn't controlling it, I felt.

They were talking.

"That was... very strange." Khuna's voice.

Valerie sounded more worried. "It's brilliant, but unusable. She can't do this kind of thing to herself yet. I wonder if that's why she can do these kind of things."

Khuna must have frowned. "What are you talking about?"

Valerie sighed, I could feel it. "All of this, flying, the telepathic things, her strength. It's way beyond our own. She's learning too fast... But I think it's because she has no safeguards. Her thoughts can push herself further than her body and mind are capable of. So, she burns her own energy, causing herself to faint like this."

Khuna paused before she replied. "You know, that actually makes some sense... But how do you know all this."

I wondered if Valerie smiled. "Amy makes me wonder about a lot of things. She has made me a lot more aware of my own thoughts and possibilities. She thinks everything is possible, which kind of makes it possible for her."

Khuna sounded a little surprised. "You almost make it sound negative. Isn't that all a good thing?"

Valerie shook her head, felt by my body. "It's not all a good thing. It can become very, very dangerous. I'm not sure if you felt it, but she has felt a different call of the blood. The one that they all follow. For her, everything is possible, including all of their deaths at her hands. She has noble causes and she wouldn't hurt anyone usually. But the danger is there."

Khuna gasped a little. "You can't be serious. Amy is always so sweet."

Valerie replied quickly. "You've seen her fight. Even in defense she's surprisingly efficient. I'm not saying she's evil, just dangerous. Not as much to us, but... maybe to herself. If she ever does things she can't forgive herself... It's a difficult thought. I don't think she took Kryss' death lightly either."

I wondered if a tear rolled across my face to reflect my inner feelings. Slowly I felt my body again and it slumped as I was able to take control of it again. Khuna and Valerie stopped again, allowing me to stand on my feet.

My eyes blinked as my vision returned and my balance recovered. This was definitely aided by my blood, my strength return almost instantly. When I opened my eyes firmly I felt strong enough to carry a jerrycan of my own again. My eyes looked up to both of them at my sides. My friends, sometimes my protectors.

But would they mind that I had heard them?