Chapter 224Minute of History

We were back at the silo, safe house thing. I wasn't sure what to call it. The trap perhaps. I'd regained much of of my strength and easily walked along with them, ignoring the worried glances still cast on me. As we put the jerrycans inside of the trap we sat down and thought. We had some of the set-pieces but it was far from being a fool-proof plan.

Or vampire-proof for that matter.

Valerie appeared to have something else on her mind. "Amy, did you hear everything me and Khuna talked about just now?"

I nodded, worried that she'd be angry.

But Valerie surprised me. "What are your thoughts on it."

"Eh.. Well, I can do it once, so it would be possible to use me as a bait and escape while they look at my image. If you close the door behind me and keep light them, my fainting shouldn't matter."

Valerie grimaced. "That wasn't my point, I meant that whole reason for your abilities and your danger."

I hung my head, it wasn't something I was sure I could talk about. Especially with all my dark thoughts of late. If I was going to be the central part of this plan, it was important to be honest and open. I didn't like keeping things from them to begin with. "I heard you talk about how I fight. It's like I can see the moves in my head. Like after I saw Kryss hit Khuna, I knew how he would react and how to deal with it. My senses have only become sharper over time."

Valerie nodded. "And how about that little trick?"

I frowned in thought. "Well, I saw Rain do it and I kinda knew how instinctively after Nuru explained it. But I also could feel I wasn't able to do something like that. Maybe after a lot of practicing, but erasing focus is a lot harder than channeling it for few moments."

Valerie smiled. "Yes, but I meant the reason behind your development, my conclusions."

"I'm not sure, I think you're right, I've always had this easy way of accepting the impossible. Even when I read books, I felt the stories as if they were real."

Valerie. "You like reading, don't you?"

I nodded smilingly. "Definitely!"

Khuna giggled a little at my enthusiasm. Valerie's expression softened and her following words were spoken much gentler. "Try and be aware of yourself Amy. I have no idea what you can do but I have a feeling you don't even know yourself."

I frowned. "I know when I do them, usually I can feel what I'm able to and what not. With some exceptions if I'm a little bit too giddy." I was thinking of my very first and very unsuccessful attempt to fly. "Eh... so I mean I know my limitations."

Valerie frowned. "You wouldn't say you pushed yourself too far just now?"

I hesitated. "No, as I knew it wouldn't kill me or anything. Also, it wasn't as bad as before."

Now it was Khuna's time to frown. She spoke before Valerie. "Before?"

I shuffled my feet, speaking soft and a little fast out of embarrassment. "Eh, I kind of saved Nuru from a falling piece of masonry by telekinesis, but fainted and lost my sight for days."

"You what?!?" Valerie and Khuna in perfect unison.

"I was blind for a few days, because I overexerted my mind and it, apparently, needed some time to restore, taking in as few impulses as possible."

Valerie rubbed her temples. "I've never heard of that happening."

"Afentis said he had, actually. Though it was hard not to panic, to be honest."

Valerie shook her head, not to deny me but to get her mind clear and focused at the issue at hand. "We're really avoiding the issue here, are we?"

The question cut through to all three of us like a knife. It was true. We knew it had to be done, but none of us wanted to go through with it. We'd just been stalling, thinking up weird plans that would take us longer and longer to prepare.

Were we ready?

Did we want to be?