Chapter 226Puddle of Trust

It wasn't exactly clear movement, but it looked like someone was walking near the light. It really looked like a big-ish fire. And another. It wasn't really walking either, just moving around. It's hard to describe but it didn't appear to have a clear direction.

A strange idea formed in my weary mind. 'Did they drink?'

Of course it wouldn't be very useful to drink, they'd throw up everything they'd partake. But... Maybe it would stay long enough in their stomach for them to absorb some alcohol. But would they be crazy enough to do that?

Probably not if they were waiting for me...

That would be really crazy.

The building the moving shades were in wasn't ruined or broken in any way I could tell. The windows were too dirty to look in, the contrast of the dark outside and the light inside not helping. The area around the building wasn't very informative either. Minor rubble, maybe a broken bicycle and a few car tires. But nothing that would suggest anything on the people inside.

I kept myself high in the sky, outside the usual field of view of people on the ground. Even when I climbed trees I knew that people hardly ever looked up. You could say "Hi there!" and they'd look everywhere but high. It was uncanny.

The roof of the building was mostly clear, just a lot of dirt, some puddles from the rain and a door. The door looked invitingly easy to enter, but it wasn't the right way. I had to take everything into account. Better safe than sorry.

Yet I felt the blood boiling in my veins.

It took a lot of restraint to not barge in through the windows, tear them like they did the parents. To feel my hands crush their bone and..


Focus Amy...


Why was it getting harder every time? If one of them had been within an arms reach I might have killed it.. him.

They weren't 'it's, they were people. Even if they were people with their minds warped, their guilt lost and probably their minds as well.

The building had two other entrances, a main entrance that consisted of a double door and a side entrance, nothing more than a single door. I had to decide something. Either they were waiting for me, or they weren't.

I wasn't in favor of breaking windows, but I had to do something.

The best way to find out without exposing myself too much would be to throw a brick through one of the windows from street-level. Then I could watch in and hopefully have a second before they looked out.

Bricks were available aplenty, if I was a brick seller, I'd be in a brick heaven. I floated down to the ground and picked up a likely brick. At first I wanted to throw a full brick, but a smaller one actually felt more useful. It was more square and felt better in my hands.

I heaved it, ready to throw when a voice behind me cut through the darkness.


It was a mere whisper, but it got my attention immediately. I knew that voice!

It was a voice of a young male, close in age to those I wished to spy upon. But this one wasn't dangerous.

This one was my friend.