Chapter 225Ease of Flight

The three of us were silent for a while longer, focused on the insecurities within ourselves. But, there was a time for words and there was a time for action. I felt now would be a good time for action. I tried to gather the little strength of faith I had in this matter and stand up.

"We have to do it."

Valerie and Khuna nodded.

"Valerie, can you give me a lighter, I presume you bought more than one?"

She nodded and handed me a zippo lighter. It probably cost a bit more than usual, but it wouldn't go out when thrown. I had to force myself to think practical. I didn't want them to use the gasoline on the building just yet. If it was all evaporated before I got all of them here, it wouldn't work. Also... it wouldn't be easy to get them all here, but I just would have to wait and see what they were up to.

"Khuna, Valerie, you both have to wait here, if possible prepare the building to be lighted. Perhaps make holes in the walls to pour gasoline through. Too small to fit anyone through of course. In the meantime I will look for our prey."

I tried to sound brave and hoped it was working. Both of them just looked at me but then nodded dutifully. They'd find a way to do as I asked.

"I'm not sure if I can get them here tonight, but I will do my absolute best to get them. I want this to end, it weighs on my mind too strongly."

Khuna walked to me hesitantly. "Will you be careful?"

I nodded. "As much as I can."

She smiled and gave me a quick hug. "Alright, do your best then. I hope this will be over soon."

I answered he smile with mine. "So do I."

Valerie just nodded and already worked to hide the jerrycans nearby but so that no one would find them easily. Khuna joined to help her so I could go. It was better this way.

I rose up into the sky, feeling a little weak from my feat from earlier.

Definitely not a good time to start a fight. But perhaps I could find them.

Rising up I started to form a more solid plan. It was not as easy as before to glide, but I didn't need to do anything acrobatic in the sky today. Just rising up would be sufficient. Using the same trick I did when I searched for Kryss, rising up and looking out over the city. At least I had a place to start.

Hovering gently I took the time to look out over the industrial train yard and the buildings nearby.

With a wince I remembered the horrible moment when Kryss had captured me, my eyes seeking out the exact location instinctively.

Following, with my eyes, the path I had taken back then, including the jump onto the train, I realized it was a dangerous area to begin with. If I had missed the train, it would have been hurtling into a storage place for concrete slabs or something, with nasty results.

Then he made me jump somewhere else where I was surrounded by the others. My eyes looked around but found nothing suspicious. The buildings around were nothing special, just some old office buildings from years past. Mostly abandoned I felt, though some appeared in use during the day. Trailers for trucks, cranes and other machines to move stuff was around sporadic.

There was some light in one of the buildings, but not very strong. Perhaps a fire or a flickering light. Somehow it looked boring rather than menacing.

That's when I noticed someone move down there..