Chapter 234Three Throwaways

When I slowly woke from my slumber my senses told me a lot. The smell was wrong, we were no longer outside but inside the wooden shed. The time was wrong, the sun had only just gone down. And my body was wrong. I wasn't lying on the ground, but sitting with my back against the wall.

Not the best way to wake up, to be honest.

Had Isabel done this to us?

For the first time since I became a vampire, I felt the need to groan as I woke.

This hadn't been a good sleep.

I remembered something about a dream?

But it was a dream before the sun had actually set, about the creation of the bracelet and the necklace. Which was good to be reminded of, actually.

If I was going to fight, I shouldn't keep those on me. If they broke or scratched in ways that couldn't be repaired, it would be too much of a shame. But where could I keep them.

The obvious answer went through my mind immediately. Hitori.

I got up and looked around. We were in the wooden building, neatly set together in a row. Me, Kai, Khuna and Valerie.

A really stupid thought entered my head. Alphabetical order?

We had to prepare ourselves, get everything together and I definitely had to feed before all of this. Everything had made me quite dizzy and weak-feeling and I knew I had to go into the fight on full strength.

I started with the one closest to me. "Kai, wake up."

He blinked once or twice and then held his head almost like I did. It must have hurt. "I had such a weird dream."

I frowned in curiosity. "What was it about."

"About a building and people in it. There was a meeting between two people but I was too far to really notice. But it was like hundreds of years ago."

The same dream, but another perspective? But there had been tens of people inside the building. Had he just been a random one?

Khuna had woken up already it seemed. "You too? It was weird, I was a man in there. To be honest, I didn't see any women there at all."

Valerie yawned and stretched, then she groaned as well. "My head hurts."

I smiled. "It fades. Did you have weird dreams as well?"

She nodded. "I was a man in some kind of old times or something. But it was very boring." The way she downplayed it made it almost funny. "Ugh, so, am I the only one feeling it's just after sunset?"

We all shook our heads.

I spoke up first. "We all need to drink but I need to put something away as well. Where shall we meet?"

Kai looked around, obviously thinking about something. "Let's meet back here. We'll go to the 'arena' together. Around half past eleven?

We all nodded.

Khuna gave me a quick hug before I could go. "Amy? Do be careful."

Kai just smiled at me and Valerie was rubbing her eyes. She looked more tired than any of us for some reason.

"I'll see you again here. Be safe."

I wanted to fly but felt that it was better not to. I really felt weaker than I had expected so some feeding was first on the agenda, then Hitori, then the preparation.

Then the fight.