Chapter 235Six Senses

First it was time to feed. It felt like ages since I last went out alone to feed myself. For a moment I remembered Hitori's wish to see it again. But that was for another time, as this time I didn't have any wish to be sexy.

In fact I had a very specific desire indeed.

It felt weird, but for once I knew I wanted a big meal. I wanted to feed on a grown, preferably large man. But that wouldn't be easy. As most of the time, people who are really obese irk me quite a bit. It's like a constant, visual reminder that they don't take good care of themselves.

The problem was, of course, that I wasn't sure where to find someone like that. But a little idea of where to start entered my mind.

There was a business district not too far off and there were some cafes and restaurants as well. Since it was relatively early, the sun had only just gone down, I hoped there were many people still hanging out there.

Drinking heavily.

Now there's a thought...

Would I become drunk if I drank the blood of someone with a lot of alcohol in it.

Probably not. We were already more resistant to drugs in general and blood didn't hold as much alcohol as the drinks themselves. Maybe if you got someone drunk to the point where it was almost lethal and then drink their blood until you burst it would make you a little bit drunk.

Odd thoughts.

The business district was even busier than I had expected. There were many cars, most of them quite expensive looking with a tendency to black and chrome. There were quite a few suspicious looking women as well. Not the business women, who ventured as rarities between the horde of men, but women that looked, in a way, like sharks.

It was kind of fascinating. I'd never walked among these people much. It was way beyond the world I had seen so far. They flaunted with their riches to prove themselves to the others. But not too much to seem overconfident. Suits were part of it, obviously. Different fabrics and styles denoted rank and income. I almost wished there was a legend to it, this fabric to that position and that stripe to this income.

It took me a while to see the similarities to high school. It was the same, really, just differently on the outside.

There was a small, but busy-looking bar somewhat further into the district. The name, "Bloke", simple and even a tad silly. But it worked, as many people were inside, drinking and talking casually with each other.

I got some looks as I went in myself. I guess I never did feel as out of place as I did here. My simple and above all cheap clothing was a sharp contrast to most other people's attire here. But people here had learned not to stare long at oddities. They resumed to their conversations and left me in relative peace, allowing me to find my prey.

A little playful smile visited my lips, these people were so different. They'd probably see me as a prey to their advances, an innocent little girl. But I wasn't innocent tonight, was I? I wanted blood, a lot of blood.

Not to kill, but to feel filled.

There he was.

He wasn't too fat as to be disgusting, but he was large. I half-expected a pint of lager in his hands if he were somewhere else, but here he had a glass of red wine at his lips. No spectacles and a slightly loosened tie. But the rest was quite high class.

Looking at the ones around him, he appeared to be quite high up and not having to care about his actions too much. He laughed easily and smiled when he saw me. Of course I flashed a little smile back. It worked.

He excused the ones around him and walked towards me, the glass of wine still in his hands. He looked at me critically, wondering what I was doing in a place like this. I tried to look sexy and wondered if it worked at all. It wasn't my most prominent talent, to be honest.

"Looking for someone?" He asked with a smile.

I smiled back. "I was, but I think I've found him."

He looked surprised. "Quite forward, aren't we?"

I shrugged. "Why lose time on chit-chat?" I couldn't do anything in here. The place was far too busy and lit up. But maybe he would offer a solution himself.

He smiled again. "Indeed. Do you know I manage the office across the street?"

I smiled and looked at him with interest. "Oh really? Can you show me what it's like in there?" If I laid it on any thicker, it'd be used for plaster.

He smiled proudly and nodded. He waved to the barman really quick and put his glass on a table. He grabbed his coat and my arm to walk outside together, crossing the street and going into the office easily. A guard, looking quite bored, welcomed him with a wave and a smile. He didn't even look surprised he took a girl with him.

He didn't waste much time talking, fortunately and walked us into the elevator and, to my surprise, he kept his hands neatly to himself. When we arrived at one of the top floors, we walked through the corridors until we finally arrived in a big office. The view was rather nice, I had to admit. He looked out over part of the district with, if you looked down, a nice view of the place across the road. It must have been one of the better offices in the building.

"Nice, isn't it?" He had taken a seat in his large armchair in front of his desk and turned around to look at me.

I smiled and turned around to him. "Very."

"Enough to earn a kiss?"

I pouted playfully. "Hmm... maybe."

My hips swayed a little as I walked closer to him. I wanted him to want me, to give himself to me without holding back. I walked around him slowly and caressed his neck. Surprisingly soft skin. He closed his eyes and breathed out deeply. For some reason I wanted to toy with him a little. It was so unusual that I felt so...


I caressed his neck again, with both hands this time and gave him a little kiss on his forehead. Another sigh from the man told me he was relaxing himself completely, ready to receive anything I was about to give. I wanted him to long even more.

I caressed his neck to the front, slightly below his shirt and got rewarded by another sigh, he was really getting into this now. It was the perfect time to strike. I kisses his neck very gently, once more to open my lips and pierce his skin. I tried to do it gently enough to make it feel even more erotic than usual. And it worked.

As the blood flowed in my mouth I faintly heard his breathing deep and happy. But I didn't care anymore.

It was the blood I wanted.

At first it was a bit bland, stuffy almost as this man didn't appear to live a wild life anymore. But it became interesting as soon as the taste became deeper and deeper. Beneath the bland, somewhat boring surface were the secrets. The little things he'd done and so meticulously hid away from the world. I wasn't good enough to see them properly, they were no more than vague flashes of lust, drugs and crimes. I couldn't even see exactly what happened, but they were like little balls of spice in a warm tomato soup.

His blood flowed so nice and warm, all the better for his relaxation and lust intertwined with a tad of surprise and wonder. It filled me with heat that spread out from my stomach quickly to my lungs, hips, arms, legs, fingers, feet and finally my face as well. If I didn't know any better I'd think I was glowing.

I released him, leaving no more than a faint memory.

I took rather a lot of blood from him, so much that I almost felt bloated. He sighed happily and fell asleep almost instantly. The deed was done.

Opening a window I hovered slightly above the floor, making sure I could fly. But I needn't have bothered, I felt strong, alive, powerful. I was ready for the fight.

But first... Hitori.