Chapter 250One of Nine - Feeding...

Things weren't well. Of course, I was lucky enough to be chosen to be one of the hunters tonight, which meant at least a bit fun. But there was a pressure on the city I didn't like. It was like everyone was looking for us, there were even some talks of the police finding bodies we left. Of course there was very little evidence to go on and it wasn't like they expected people to just walk the roofs.

I sighed. It'd been over a day since I last drank some good blood. I was getting agitated and annoyed with everyone. It wasn't good for us to hide like this. We were supposed to be the rulers of the city, not rats or other vermin, feeding some and hiding in the dark.

The rooftops were at least still our domain. It was fun to walk them and feel above the crows, our cattle. Noises were distorted here, conversations broken and sounds muffled. Sometimes you could hear conversations from houses as well, usually angered ones where voices are raised or, my personal favorite, screaming out in pleasure voices.

Today was a bad day for that though.

So few people around or outside. Did they subconsciously feel the pressure as well?

I shrugged, there was little to be done. I had to find a prey soon or else the others would bitch about me staying outside too long. But at this rate I'd never find...

Wait a moment...

There was a girl hurrying along the street, looking flustered. She was just what I needed, even if she was a bit bland. She would do just fine.

Raising my head, I sniffed the air, trying to catch her scent and smiled as I found it. Cheap deodorant, no perfume. A bookworm probably. In a way they often taste quite well, as they don't poison their bodies much depending on the type. And she seemed to be the I-have-no-friends-so-I'll-study type.

Now... how to catch her.

I decided to go for the direct approach, leading her back into an alley by walking up to her. The fright should do enough.

Jumping down in front of her, giving her quite a fright, I spoke teasingly. "Hello, little girl."

She wanted to walk around me, ignoring me, but I grabbed her and pushed her back into the little alley on my right. She didn't know exactly what to do but she looked at me with fearful eyes.

I loved this.

When I released her, she dared to speak up, with only a very soft voice. "Stay away from me, let me go..."

I moved closer and smiled. "But you're so nice, I'd love to taste you."

She looked, if possible, even more afraid and spoke a lot louder now. "No! Stay away!"

It was easy to just scare her a little more. "Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you, much anyway."

"Stop it, I just want to go home." She was almost crying now, perfect!

I couldn't help but grin as I advanced on her. "After a little bite."

She looked at me with open eyes that darted from me to the surrounding alley. There was nowhere she could go so terror overcame her tears. "Y-you're scaring me, go away!"

I jumped the last bit, holding her in my arms and speaking very close to her ears. I spoke softly, a little over a whisper. "Just a little nibble."

Her whimpering was perfect, it was the last bit I wanted. She was all mine now, no resistance just fear. My lips opened and my teeth tore into her skin. I made her feel it, made her feel the sharp pain of the bite and some of the blood flowing over her skin. She was terrified, frozen in this moment of horror.

The blood was nice and pure, light almost with a girlish flair to it. She probably never even had sex or anything.

Someone stepped behind me, I turned around, still holding her and saw her... HER! It was the one who'd hurt me so much when we were supposed to check on a dead body. At least she hadn't taken my clothes but still... I wasn't going to give up my prey for her.

"Leave her." Her voice was raw with rage, but it didn't matter. I just smiled and continued savouring the warm blood.

Then, a sharp pain in my neck and my legs being swept from under me caused me to fall over, the girl cushioning my fall. A little blood splattered on her that I wasn't able to swallow this fast. Okay, now she had done it.

High on blood and angry because of the fall, I got up quickly and glared at her. "You'll pay for this, then I'll finish her!"

I didn't waste any time and made a low kick for her knees, two could play that game. And it worked! I hit her feet when she tried to avoid me and someone she managed to turn in the air, her head missing the wall unfortunately. One more could finish her for long enough, I aimed at her stomach with a hard, straight punch.

It failed miserably. She grabbed it, used it to turn around and pulled me forwards, elbowing me in my neck painfully. It paralyzed me for a second, the pain shooting through my body, but I felt it was wiser not to move until she looked the other way. And she did, the fool!

She tended to the girl and, as soon as she picked her in her arms, I stood up silently and jumped to the roof. It barely made a sound. Hurt badly with bruises all over my body from both falls and wiping the blood from my lips, I ran over the roofs as fast as I could, heading for the others.

The good thing was that I'd found her... Kind of.

The bad thing was that they'd probably ridiculed me. Better think of something to make it a little more heroic.

I smiled. The taste of fear had been good though...

Really good.