Jun 2008

Chapter 251Showering Surprise

When from the slumber I awoke, there was an emptiness beside me. I opened my eyes to find Hitori and Nuru missing, nowhere to be seen in the room. I got up and wanted to get dressed when I noticed something else missing.

My clothes.

A small moment of panic faded when I started noticing my own body. Something in my mind clicked when I looked at myself in this simple underwear. My breasts were somehow rounder than I remembered them, more mature of sorts. And my hips were quite nice and curvy as well, the white fabric of these little panties stretched around them.

I felt like taking a shower.

Walking to the door I realized that it didn't bother me at all today that I was in my underwear. My hand, smooth and slender, opened the door. It was almost as if I was dreaming, everything about my body just felt right. Maybe it was the combination of freedom and the fight from yesterday. Freedom from the curse the nine laid on the city and strength, beauty from the fight. I felt strong and alive.

Hitori and Nuru were sitting on the sofa, silent and expectant. Waiting for me to walk further.

"Eh... Hitori, can I take a shower."

He smiled. "No."

I looked surprised. "No?"

Nuru smiled as well. "No!"

Now I was really confused. What was going on? "Why not?"

Hitori looked to Nuru. "You want to tell her?"

She nodded and smiled when Hitori nodded once at her. She looked back up at me and grinned widely. "Because you can't shower without receiving our gifts first."

I blinked. "What gifts?"

Hitori leaned over the sofa and got a big plastic bag. He handed it to Nuru, who rummaged in it and handed a present to me, gift wrapped and all. She looked expectantly while I just looked at both of them in confusion, still in my underwear. But I decided I might as well enjoy it and go with it.

The wrappings of the gift were no match for my mighty fingers. Usually I'd try and gently unpack something, but there was something rebellious about me tonight. I unfolded the cloth and was surprised to find a white cotton blouse with an elegant blue and yellow floral print all over it. It looked the perfect size, had they bought this for me today?

"It's beautiful, thank you!"

"Wait, there's more." Nuru handed me another gift, taking the blouse and folding it next to her.

This time I was a little slower in unwrapping it, curious what else they'd thought of. To my growing surprise, it wasn't a skirt, but pants! Long, slim, white cotton/nylon pants with a large dark blue flower, embroidered on the left side at the hips. I wasn't sure about the size of this, but it looked like it would be quite fitting as well.

"Thank you, this is great!" I handed the pants back. "Now can I shower?"

Nuru giggled, it was cute. "Almost. You might find these useful as well."

She handed over the bag and in it I found some basic underwear, t-shirt, bra, panties, socks. All appeared to be the right size at a glance. They'd done a brilliant job.

"How did you know my size?" I aimed my question mostly at Hitori, a mistake it seemed.

Hitori smiled. "I didn't. Nuru got the size right after talking to the store girl for a very long time. And giggling a lot."

Nuru blushed in response. She was really looking a lot better. Perhaps she felt so great because she slept next to me?

I put the bag on top of the two items of clothing next to Nuru so I could hug her. And such I did, holding her happily around her back and kissing her neck. It surprised her for a moment, but she hugged me back warmly, the warmth of her smile a gentle glow against my shoulder.

"Thank you, Nuru."

She looked up at me very proud when I released her. Truly happy with my reaction to the gifts. Even though Hitori had paid for them (Nuru had no money at all, as far as I knew), it was still an obvious fully joint effort. And they had surprised me in a lovely, perfect way.

"Now I will take a shower." I smiled.

Nuru giggled. "Yes, it's alright now."

Hitori got something from behind him. "I think you'll want these back."

He handed me a small bag but I didn't even need to look inside. I knew what it was. When I opened the bag I carefully took out my bracelet and necklace and put them on. It was a strange thing, but I felt more nude without them than walking around in my underwear. All was well.

Time to feel hot water cascading on my skin.