Chapter 254Cooling Conscience

After cleaning myself below with a little bit of cold water (I didn't want to add to the heat), I put on my underwear that fit surprisingly well. Nuru had outdone herself with the size, it felt even better than any underwear I'd chosen for myself. It was white, obviously, but the fabric felt a little bit softer than cotton, as if it was mixed with something.

Now it was time for the rest. Socks, pants and shirt. It was weird walking in pants again after all this time. But it wasn't a bad kind of weird. It actually made me feel a lot more acrobatic somehow.

I took a short while brushing my hair gently and admiring myself in the mirror. I knew it wasn't right to brush your hair when wet, but it didn't matter much what I did anyway. My hair was strong and healthy and, according to the others, it'd grow back when I cut it off anyway.

Because of how different I felt, I wanted to change my hair as well. I always wore it loose and I knew that I couldn't cut it in a different style, but I could do something with it. But what...

A silly thought entered my mind. Now to hope that Hitori had some hair elastics.

When I opened the door and went back into the living-room, both of them looked at me with wondrous expressions in their face. Nuru just smiled proudly, everything she'd chosen fit so wonderfully, making me look sexy and adventurous. Almost as if I stepped out of a movie. Hitori had a very different look on his, a mix of love, lust and awe that looked simply adorable. He couldn't hide a thing.

Of course I couldn't resist walking around the sofa and do a twirl in front of them. My hair flowed out nicely, but it reminded me of what I wanted to ask.


He snapped out of his awe-caused stupor. "Yes?"

I smiled. "Have you got some small hair elastics?"

He frowned. "I think I have some, actually. They're sometimes needed for taking pictures and keeping hair away. Do you want an elastic or a clip?"

I giggled, how manly of him. "An elastic, a small one if possible."

I turned to Nuru. "Nuru, can you braid my hair?"

She looked up at me with a big smile. "Of course!"

I sat in front of her and enjoyed the feel of someone touching your hear and braiding it. First separate the strands into three large groups that were relatively even, then tugs on your head each time they were turned around each other. I was surprised she was able to, but then I remembered she did grow up along the other children for a while. Even I, with my little experience with friends, had braided someones hair a few times. When it wasn't a chore, it was fun to do.

Hitori returned with the elastic and smiled as he saw me sitting on the ground in front of Nuru. He sat down next to her and held the elastic ready for her when she needed it. It didn't take long, my hair only reached a little passed the shoulder blades if it was loose. Nuru had done a really good job as well, when I reached up with my hands I didn't feel any loose strands a all.

"All done."

I stood up in front of them, posing a little. "How do I look?"

Hitori smiled. "Beautiful."

He stood up and gave me a kiss on my lips, surprising me a little but definitely not unwanted. Instinctively I returned the kiss allowing his lips to linger on mine and enjoy the feel of his skin. It was nice.

"What are you going to do now?"

I shrugged. "First I have to bring back Rain and find some place for her. I don't know how yet, but I'm sure there's something to be done."

Hitori smiled. "Alright, Nuru said this afternoon that she wanted to go to the Library, is it okay if she goes?"

I looked at Nuru. "Of course it is. Can you find it yourself or does Hitori need to go with you?"

Nuru blushed a little. "I think I can find it."

Hitori looked at me for a moment. "I need to bring back some books there myself, so I'll go with Nuru anyway."

Nuru smiled happily. Then she came with a question that surprised me a lot. "Will I see Rain again?"

I frowned in thought. "If I'm honest, probably not. I don't want her between vampires for the rest of her life. She should have the chance at a normal life again."

Nuru nodded and surprised me some more. "Will you give her the choice?"

"I... I don't know."

Nuru didn't say anything else, it wasn't needed either. She had given me enough food for thought for now. This would be an interesting night, I felt. A good night, I hoped.

It started out well.