Jun 2008

Chapter 253Tantilizing Touch

It was time to get out of the shower and dry up. It took me a few moments to make sure my hair was dry as well, but it occurred to me that my body dried remarkably fast. Only my hair retained water a little like it did before. A thought entered my head, shouldn't I shave? When I looked into the mirror I realized why I hadn't thought of it before.

It was strange I hadn't really noticed it before. I wasn't hairless, but the hair everywhere, except for my head, was so thin as to be transparent. It showed off every part of my body beautifully. With a blush I realized that part of me that I never paid much attention to, was completely visible.

And pretty...

With a bit of surprise and still some heat in me from the shower, I touched myself lightly on those folds of barely hidden flesh. They were soft and responsive, kind and gentle to me. With a smile I apologized a little to my body, for it's neglect. When my finger traced the soft, sensitive and pink flesh, a shiver ran deep in my body.

It was like being a silent pool, where a single drop disturbed the surface, causing ripples that travelled from one point to the edges. And back.

Biting my lips, I managed to stay quiet.

For a moment I let go of that one place to sit down on the floor and touch my arms, legs, face and breasts. Everywhere my skin was as soft as a cloud, warm and sensitive. My hands darted all over it, following the shapes I rarely explored, over the mounds on my chest, around those curious nipples and up over my neck to my face.

When my fingers touched my lips I shivered again when I felt my own warmth spread over my lips. It was ticklish but not too much. I closed my eyes for one enjoyable moment. But I wanted to see myself. A blush stayed firmly on my cheeks but I didn't care. It wasn't often I felt like this.

My fingertips created more ripples, heading downwards this time, across my chest, over my stomach and down over my legs. Both my hands, causing complementing waves of sensations that caused highs and lows in unexpected places. Slowly, breathing deeply as well, I caressed upwards again, my fingers playfully between my legs until I reached that one place again.

It had changed.

Before it was soft, gentle and warm.

But now it was smooth, slippery and hot!

Even before I touched it, the tips of my fingers felt the heat emanating from my center. My legs parted gently and I leaned back into the wall to allow my fingers closer. They slid to the hidden treasure easily, aided by the natural lubrication. And when I touched that absolute center of nerves...


It was only a short shock, but it was repeated when my fingers continued in their slide a little more and turned around. A shock that didn't cause a wave but more a small explosion, like a rock falling into that same pool. Ripples of the splash did course through my body but they didn't move slow like before.

Without being able to resist, my fingers found that sensitive spot again, caressing and sliding around it. Every minute movement another ripple, more pleasure. My breathing was much harder to control now and each breath felt long and deep. My lungs even felt as if they were being touched from the inside.

Slowly but surely, my fingers moved a little down, curious to the hot entrance that appeared to be the source of all the wetness. My fingertip gently touched the edge and made me feel safer, ready to slide in.

A moment's pause, no more than a breath, and I gently slid my finger to the opening, not really going in yet, but ready to.

"Amy, are you alright?"

Hitori's voice cut through the sensations, causing a blush and a contraction in my muscles that made my fingers brush over my entrance and above, causing even more blush. The sensations, mixed with the fear of getting caught, were confusing... But so sweet.

I had to respond. "I.. I'm alright."

Hitori's smile in the next words were obvious. "Trying out your clothes."

I didn't want to lie to him, but was I ready to tell him what I had just done? My reflection in the mirror, as I got up, answered me with a smile.

"Just hold on, I'll be right out."

A laugh, kind and warm, was heard on the other side of the door. Hitori didn't mind how long I took, obviously.

Still flustered I looked into the mirror and looked into my own eyes. Then I just giggled and laughed. From outside the door I could almost hear the confusion but that only added to my own laughter. It was just so silly, to make a big deal out of this.

With a hint of that warm glow inside of me, I decided it was time to get dressed.

That playful smile didn't leave my lips, though.