Chapter 261Words to Wonders

The detective cleaned up some things off his desk before we really started talking. He picked up a really nice pen as well, a metal one instead of the cheap plastic one he used last time. And he took another sip of coffee before he looked completely ready to talk.

"I could start by asking if you know anything more about the attackers. But, to be honest, I don't think it would be any use. Something else has come up though, start any fires lately?"

I tried to look surprised. "Fires?"

He noted my expression. "Yes, a fire was seen in the industrial district. Not far from where we thought the assailants might be."

I did my best to hide the shock at this. He was being very direct but played with an open deck. "Where?"

He smiled. "Oh, an abandoned factory. Quite curious though, the fire left very little traces. It looked like napalm had burned there, but someone cleaned up after it. Very unusual."

"I must say", he continued, "I'm very surprised to see you back here, Miss Amy. You didn't look like you liked us."

I smiled. "I don't particularly like the police, but I don't hate them either. We all have our place in the world."

He smiled. "So, why are you here?"

I sighed, time to show some of my cards. "The main reason is Rain."

Now it was his time to be surprised. "The little sister?"

I nodded. "Yes, she can't stay with me anymore and I have no idea where I should bring her. I hoped you could find a place for her."

Blinked a few times and tapped the paper with the back of his pen. Then he got up and walked behind me, looking at the door, probably thinking about Rain. I turned around as he stood directly in front of me and asked me the strangest question.

"Miss Taylor, can I see your teeth?"

Surprise overruled any other emotion, reflected in his eyes. He was trying to make sense of the world and he had (rightfully) drawn conclusions on my part it in. But... Maybe he had also concluded that I was not a bad person.

I had to respond something though. "Why do you want to see my teeth?"

He smiled. "Well, there appeared some connection between you and the attackers. Since it looked like their teeth were more feral, larger than normal."

From what I knew, my teeth weren't noticeably longer than normal ones. They just felt sharper and more healthy, but that wasn't reason to be suspect, was it? Part of me was curious about his possible reaction. A large part, very curious. How much would he find out.

Another thought entered my mind as well. Would our body change according to how we behaved. Become more pale if we stayed away from humanity and more feral if we behaved more beastly? Like the body adjusting to what was asked of it...

I sighed. "Alright, take a look."

When I opened my mouth he looked in it and touched the edge of my teeth lightly. He definitely took his time to look, moving left and right as if to see the result of the light reflecting on my teeth. He finally leaned back and sat back down again behind his desk. There was a faint smile on his face.

"Not quite what I expected. But then, I didn't know what to expect." He took a sip from his coffee. "I'm sure you've noticed this, but there are a lot less people here than last time. Apparently this unit is too expensive and has to be shut down. A shame, really."

I managed to ask. "So, you'll stop looking for the killers?"

He nodded. "At least, I'm not allowed to anymore."

"But... how can I be sure Rain will be safe?"

Leo scribbled something on his notepad. He looked up again as if he was looking at Rain, right through through the door into infinity. He smiled again when he was done scribbling and looked at me.

"Miss Taylor, you are a brave, but stubborn young girl."