Chapter 262Wonders to Swords

I wasn't exactly sure what he meant with that, but he had treated me in a rather interesting way. I wondered if he knew anything about my nature, but part of me told me that wasn't the case. There was something else in him treating me differently, but what was it...

I smiled a little. "Thank you, but can you understand that Rain can't stay?"

He looked around, making sure no one was listening. "I think I do, there are rumours."

Rumours? "About?"

He looked at me intensely. "Oh, nothing of importance." Then he looked down, slightly disappointed it seemed.

Then a thought occurred to me. "You mean about Jason?"

He looked up sharply and stared at me so intense my skin almost burned. "Perhaps..."

He wasn't going to make this easy, considering the influence the circle had, his job was probably on the line. So this was a careful game, because of my own limitations. I couldn't lie out-right, but I could say the truth in a way that would make him think other things. "Would it be a problem if my father was the reason for Rain needing to go somewhere else?"

He paused for a moment.

"No, but it would mean I'd have to be more resourceful."

I smiled kindly, the roles appeared reversed. "I trust you will."

The moment appeared to freeze in time. The smell of coffee in the air, mixing with the faint smells of his aftershave, the wood of the desk and the concrete of the walls. The sound of city, distant, together with the closer noises of the people right outside. The tapping of his pen on the notepad, a distant rhythm to aid his mind. He breathed in just before he spoke, sucking the air and my attention back to his lips.

"I will take care of her or find a proper place for her."

I didn't have to ask anything else, I knew he was serious and that he would hold true to his word. He didn't even have to promise. As deep as I could look into him, he was honest through and through... Which made his job curiously difficult for him. But I'm sure he was a good detective.

"Thank you."

He smiled. "On to a little practical matter; Do I need a number to reach you?"

I smiled as well. "Just call my mother, if I'm not there you can always tell her the message for me. Although..."

He nodded. "I'll find a way."

I stood up. "I have to go now, it's very late. I hope you don't mind."

He stood up as well to open the door for me. "Not at all, are you going to say goodbye to her?"

I nodded. "Yes, that is the least I could do."

I walked through the door, towards Rain on the bench. She was still sleeping but it already felt a lot lighter than it did before. And she had regained a little of her color again. She would feel groggy if I woke her up, but she at least would be able to understand me and not faint again.

"Rain." I shook her shoulders to wake her up. "Wake up, Rain. I'm going to leave you."

She woke up, slowly at first until the words sank in. She looked around and, with a bit of panic in her eyes; "Where am I?"

I smiled warmly. "Among the police. A friend of mine, Detective Leo, will take care of you."

She clung to me and hugged me. "You won't leave me forever, will you?"

I smiled. "Of course not, I will see you again and help you understand everything."

Leo stood behind me, Rain followed me look up to him. "Okay." She sounded a little calmer. "Can I sleep again? I'm still so tired..."

I caressed her hair and put her back on the bench, gently. "Of course. Just close your eyes and dream away."

She fell asleep almost immediately. I stood up and turned around to Leo. "I wonder, do you have children?"

He smiled. "Yes, a girl. Three years older than her."

"Is she stubborn?"

He laughed softly. "Oh yes."

"Good, I think Rain will be no problem for you to handle."

He smiled. "Amy, I'll take good care of her, but promise me you'll look her up." He took his wallet from his jacket and pulled out a card. "Here, don't lose this."

I smiled back, he'd used my first name. "Even without this, I don't think there are many L. Heart detectives in town, are there?"

He grinned. "You'd be surprised."

"Goodbye, Mister Heart."

"Good luck, Miss Taylor."

I left the factory, smiling to the two guys still guarding and headed for the little alley next to the factory. They couldn't see me here. With little effort I jumped up to the lower roof there and wanted to say hello and goodbye to my home. I wondered if I would get used to moving around a lot... Not that much, as soon as I slept somewhere, it sneaked into my soul somewhere.

Suddenly, a sound made me jump aside.

A glimmer of metal and a swish passed right next to my neck.

When I turned around I saw a woman standing on the roof with a large claymore in her hands. And though the sword was definitely attracting a lot of my attention, the woman most of it. She had a pale complexion with a few freckles and the most beautiful wavy red hair I'd ever seen. It was long too, flowing freely down to her stomach in the front and the back appeared to reach even lower.

I ripped my attention away from her looks before she did the same to my head from my body.

Who was she?