Chapter 264Flight to Friends

Where to go? I had a feeling this Muriel woman was dangerous, but was it just for me? I also wasn't sure if I wanted to warn everyone. I mean, Khuna, Valerie of course. But would I warn Isabel if I met her? It wasn't like me to hold a grudge or even think like this about someone. But something about Isabel's actions irked me immensely.

I tried to rethink what I knew.

She'd hurt Khuna and Valerie once, in a very strange way. Making them faint on top of a building and allowing them to fall through a glass roof into a pool. They almost bled to death. But she helped us as well... Though I'm not sure why, most of the times when she guided us, it only brought more trouble to us.

And it felt like she wanted me to lose all connection to my previous life as well...

The more I thought about it, the less I trusted Isabel.

Where to go...

I wanted to know about Muriel, so I guess it was best to head for Afentis and ask him. But something told me it wasn't smart to go there first. It wouldn't surprise me if she went after my friends as well. At least my vampire friends, the humans never had to deal with Isabel. Except perhaps Nuru. But she didn't trust Isabel either, did she?

Where to go, what to do?

A deep sigh escaped from my lips, she was out of my league. The best I could do was warn my friends and talk to Afentis about her.

And that sword...

I heard about claymores, large two-handed swords, reaching from the ground to my neck, with an edge on both sides. They always seemed to be clumsy, useless weapons until just now.

She had wield it with a grace and speed that made it into a horribly dangerous weapon. I was amazed how she could use it with only one hand, making dangerously fast sweeps and thrusts as if it was a mere knife. Would she have cut my head off?

With a gloomy notion I realized she probably would.

I floated down to open the door, but it was closed, locked. They weren't here then. Rising up again I headed for the few safe-houses I knew. The air was cold and felt very damp. It was going to rain again soon. After four houses I found them. They were inside, in the living room, talking about the previous night with some warm tea in their hands. It looked almost normal.

I knocked on the front door.

Khuna opened it. "Amy, you found us! Come on in."

I smiled. "Yes, took me a while though. I've got something to tell everyone."

Khuna stuck out her tongue. "You're getting married?"

That shocked me. "What? No!"

It took me a moment to realize she'd been joking, after that I just laughed and followed Khuna into the living room. She still had a big grin on her face when we sat down. Valerie and Kai looked at me with curiosity and stopped talking.

"How are you all doing?"

Valerie shrugged. "Pretty good, considering. The dancing really helped."

Khuna smiled. "Yes, and their music, so additively rhythmic."

Kai blushed a little. "I had fun as well."

"I'm glad it made you guys feel better. Rain, Hitori and Nuru are fine as well. I have got a bit of bad news though."

They looked at me.

"I got attacked by a strange woman named Muriel, she attacked me with a long sword, a Claymore I think. And it seems she's after Isabel and everyone who is with her."

Kai scowled. "I knew Isabel was trouble, but I've never heard of Muriel."

Valerie looked thoughtful. "I wonder why she's going after her. And how did you escape unscathed?"

"She stopped fighting when I rose to the air, because she knew I couldn't do that without blood from a willing elder. She wasn't really clear on her goals but I was afraid she would go after you guys as well."

Khuna blinked a few times. "Didn't she say anything useful?"

"She mentioned Afentis... She kind of recognized him in me or something."

Valerie looked at me. "Well, did you ask him?"

"Who? Afentis? No, all of this happened only a minute ago. I want to ask him but I wanted to warn you first."

Khuna smiled. "Thank you for that."

Kai nodded. "We'll try and be prepared."

I smiled. "Thank you. And I'll talk to Afentis."

And hear what he has to say.