Chapter 265Friends to Feeling

Khuna, Valerie and Kai waved me goodbye as I took to the air. It was a bit weird to fly up with an audience, but I was sure it would be alright if they saw me. The air was really pressing now, as if a big rainstorm was about to start. I'd better hurry.

I tried to go for speed this time, knowing that it would only work because I wouldn't have to steer much. Within seconds I was a the edge of the city, moving faster and faster. The fields and roads below rolled by silently, the sounds muffled by the thick air and my speed. Almost all I could hear was the soft whoosh of air rushing past.

I overshot the castle.

It was stupid, but when I realized I should slow down, I should have been slowing down already. I smiled as the seconds passed while I tried to stop. I turned around and, still with a smile, landed in front of the castle. Pity it wasn't a castle where you could just walk in if you came from the sky, but I guess they chose this on purpose.

Rain sounded in the distance, getting closer.

Afentis opened the door and looked at me with surprise. "Amy? Back already?"

"We need to talk, inside. It's going to rain."

Afentis smiled and moved aside for me to walk past. He closed the door behind us and followed me to the living room. To my surprise I found Faith there, sitting cross-legged on the sofa with a book in her lap. She didn't acknowledge my presence but it was nice to see Afentis trying to get her out of that stuffy room.

I sat down next to her, because it felt rather nice to be there and waited for Afentis to sit down as well. He waited patiently for me to start talking. Outside the rain was starting, beating audibly on the windows. It was light now but it would soon be a storm.

Best to start with the burning question. "Who is Muriel?"

His expression changed from mild curiosity to a fearful one. "You saw her?"

I nodded. "Yes, who is she?"

He sighed. "A very old friend... Well, she was once. She lost her mind and started hunting the clairvoyant because she felt they were the children of Baal and therefore evil. She's very old, older than me in fact, and very dangerous. I'm surprised you saw her and survived."

The rain was really strong now, my eyes looking at the paths made and remade by the drops flowing down the windows. Time... Older than Afentis. How old would that make her? A druid or something from ages past? But she was quite tall, considering. I thought people from those early ages were much smaller. And so beautiful.

The rain continued in it's rapid rhythm.

How would her hair look in the rain, moving elegantly with her every move. How would the sword look when it swiped majestically, raindrops splitting on the edge, sliding off the far end in a circle. Would she be a silent shadow, careful and precise? Or would she be a warrior, cutting down everything in her path.

I blinked, getting back to our conversation.

"She attacked me, but I had just enough time to dodge her sweeps. When I tried to fly up, she followed me and expressed her surprise. She felt somehow I had your blood and she let me go. I warned the others before I got here because I feared they might be attacked next."

Afentis suddenly looked very serious. "They wouldn't stand a chance if she did attack them. How did she look?"

I replied a little surprised. "She looked like she was from medieval story, with her claymore and her clothes. And that hair..."

Afentis smiled. "Ah yes, she does have very beautiful hair and eyes."

I nodded. "How well did you know her?"

To my surprise, Afentis blushed quite a bit.