Mar 2011

Bizarre Marketing PloysTo go where no one dares

Sometimes you find odd things on the internet, like This particular thing , speaking about marketing ploys by a game company that included (but were not limited to):

  • Offering money to soon-to-be parents to name their offspring Turok, the main character of a game series.
  • Paying 5 gamers(people) to legally rename themselves Turok for 1 year.
  • Offer a family to pay for funeral costs, to put a small billboard for Shadowman 2 on the gravestone.
  • Make big news out of a gamer waiting the longest for a game release, without actually having someone there.

This got me thinking though. What crazy marketing ploys could I come up with to make products I know more known...

Let's start with the obvious.

Doubtful Marketing Ideas

  • "Wee for a wii!" A public pissing contest for the Nintendo Wii.
  • Some company paying the Oxford Dictionary to have "door" revert to "portal".
  • Creating a 'car-jacking' contest for one of the many GTA type games.
  • Making a family change their surname to "Sims"
  • Hiring hackers to make something dangerous (let's say an intelligent bomb) out of components from a console.

Terrible Marketing Ideas

  • A 'murder competition' for the next Hitman/Manhunt game, for who can kill someone else the most original. Winner gets a lifetime supply of X.
  • Offering a cameo in a famous game for the most creative suicide, captured on camera. Awarded posthumously, of course.
  • Sneakily hiring thugs to steal the competing console out of people's home.
  • Making a "We will make you our bitch" campaign for a mediocre game.